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How much is Golden Axe worth?

Golden Axe Sega Genesis

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
GameStop $9.99
Amazon $13.99
PriceCharting $17.80 + free shipping

Is Golden Axe real?

… There are no actual golden axes in Golden Axe… Well, that’s not entirely true. The dwarf wielded a golden axe in the arcade version, but its brilliant yellow sheen was lost in the migration to the Mega Drive/Genesis (hereafter referred to as Mega Drive – sorry America).

How old is Golden Axe?

Golden Axe/Age

What happened Golden Axe?

But for the 2020 launch, Sega named the game Golden Axed and billed it as an unpolished, glitch-filled prototype from developers of yore. Its Steam page read, “Golden Axed may be janky, may be buggy, may be an artifact of its time, but it offers a unique glimpse into the prospect of a project that could have been.”

How many copies did Golden Axe sell?

The Xbox Live Arcade digital version of Golden Axe sold 167,935 units on the Xbox 360 console, as of 2011.

How long does it take to beat Golden Axe?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 6 5h 51m
Main + Extras 2 4h 48m
Completionists 2 7h 20m
All PlayStyles 10 5h 56m

How many heroes can you choose to play in Golden AXE?

The game focuses on three heroes.

How long is battle AXE game?

Battle Axe is definitely tough to the point you won’t likely get through it on the first playthrough, which is intentional since otherwise the campaign technically only takes about 25 minutes to beat if you don’t die.

Why is it called Golden Axe?

Those left alive in the land of the gods honed a weapon, the “Golden Axe”. After a long time, humans began to emerge in the former land of the gods. The Golden Axe already left the hand of the gods, and the land was reigned by humans.