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How much is an arachnid dart board?

Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard Game Features 36 Games with 170 Options

List Price: $159.99 Details
You Save: $8.67 (5%)

How do I reset my arachnid dart board?

To reset the game after electrical disruption, disconnect the AC power adapter for three seconds, and then reconnect.

What brand dart boards do professionals use?

Professional dart players almost exclusively use bristle dart boards such as the Barrington Collection Bristle Dart Board or the Winmau Blade 5. These meet tournament regulations, allowing them to practice in the right conditions.

Which is better electronic or regular dart board?

Electronic dartboards are often recommended for children and more casual players because they’re safe and the automated score keeping makes it easier for casual players to just pick up and go. Bristle boards are recommended for more serious players that want to enter tournaments and play at a more competitive level.

How do you hang an arachnid dart board?

Choose a location to hang the board that is near an electrical outlet, and that has at least 10 feet of open floor space in front of the board. 2. Locate a wall stud, and place a mark 76 3/8” (194cm) up from the floor along the stud (see illustration above). Place another mark 16” (40.64cm) below the first mark.

How much does a Bullshooter cost?


Original Price $999.99
Sale Price $589.00 Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Which dart board is best?

Enrich Your Family Time With The Best Dartboard

  • Barrington Bristle Dartboard – Best Overall.
  • LinkVisions Dartboard – Runner-Up.
  • Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard – Honorable Mention.
  • Viper by GLD Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard – Also Consider.
  • Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard.
  • TG Champion Bristle Dart Board.