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How much is a solowheel?

It’ll feature a modern look, lights plus Bluetooth capabilities, and it’ll retail for approximately $2,000.

Are Monocycles street legal?

Unicycles are legal on the California roadways. Whether they are EUc (electric unicycles) or regular foot-powered, they may go wherever bicycles are allowed. You are, however required to wear a helmet, and at least 16 years old to legally operate a unicycle on the road.

Where is E wheels located?

Miami Beach
Ewheels LLC Company Profile | Miami Beach, FL | Competitors, Financials & Contacts – Dun & Bradstreet.

How much does a solowheel weigh?

The Inventist Solowheel is a unique unicycle device that utilizes gyro sensors, a 1500 watt motor and a rechargeable battery that gets you on your way….More videos on YouTube.

Speed 10 mph
Weight 24 lbs
Maximum load 220 lbs
Motor Power 1500 Watts
Charger Custom international 2A charger

How fast does a solowheel go?

The SOLOWHEEL is lightweight and portable, with a built-in handle and fold-up pedals, making it easy to carry and store. With a maximum speed of 10 MPH and a range of up to 10 miles, the SOLOWHEEL is the perfect choice for errands and short commutes.

When was solowheel invented?

In September 2010, the first “no name” Solowheel prototype was presented to the public at the Bike Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Shane Chen was on the showroom floor until after midnight putting together his first electric stand-up unicycle with not much more than a soldering iron, a screwdriver and some super-glue.

Are EUC legal in US?

Electric Unicycle Laws in the United States. In the United States, electric unicycles are often grouped under laws governing electric bicycles. And in most places in the US, electric bicycles are legal.

Is electric unicycle safe?

An electric unicycle is probably the safest mode of transportation. You are closer to the ground, so even if you’d fall, you wouldn’t hurt yourself that much. Handling an EUC is super easy. As long as you are attentive, the chances of you falling down are slim.

What is a solo wheel?

The Solowheel is 100% electric. This is the only carrier powered with a unique patented stabilized gyro wheel. Making it the lightest (11 kg) and most compact of all motor vehicles worldwide. The Solowheel can be transported and stored anywhere.

What is the fastest electric unicycle in the world?

Currently, the fastest electric unicycle in the market is the Veteran Sherman. It’s a high-performance unicycle that comes with a powerful 2500W motor and a robust 3,200Wh battery capacity. The drivetrain of the Veteran Sherman delivers an astounding speed upward of 72 km/hr (45 mph) and a massive range of 128 miles.