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How much is a Deutsches Reich stamp worth?

Set with 6 stamps. US Hitler propaganda stamp. Issued 1944 by the OSS in Rome. Wrong inscription “Futsches Reich” for “Deutsches Reich” means something like damaged empire….Hitler blocks.

Mint: Canceled
6 on 5: 30 $ 6 on 10: 10 $ 6 on 20: 6 $ 6 on 5: 25 $ 6 on 10: 10 $ 6 on 20: 5-6 $

What is the value of an H stamp?

33 cents
The new “H” stamps, featuring Uncle Sam’s top hat and valued at 33 cents for the higher first-class rate that will take effect Jan. 10, will go on sale nationwide on Monday. The stamp will be dedicated in Troy, N.Y., the “birthplace” of Uncle Sam.

Is Obama on a postage stamp?

Bush have appeared on at least two. All living U.S. presidents as of 2021 (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden) appear on none.

What old German stamps are worth money?

Most valuable German stamps

  • $1,545,000. Baden 9 Kreuzer error stamp, 1851.
  • $389,183. Oldenburg 1/3 Gr.
  • $176,000. Audrey Hepburn stamp, 2001.
  • $112,394. “Kerstfest” error stamp, 2016.
  • $65,500. 2-mark Germania stamp with quatrefoil watermark, 1920.
  • $60,790. 5m Kaiser Wilhelm II invert error stamp, 1905.
  • $44,957.
  • $30,300.

How much postage is the H rate makeup stamp?

Millions of those rooster-on-a-weather-vane stamps–formally called “the `H’ rate make-up stamp”–had already been printed. But the one-cent rate increase to 33 cents wasn’t actually approved until May of last year and the decision to make it effective Jan.

Has there ever been a living person on a stamp?

For the first time, living people will be eligible to be honored on U.S. postage stamps. The U.S. Postal Service announced Monday that it is ending its longstanding rule that people cannot be featured on stamps while they’re still living.

When did the first Germania stamp come out?

Beginning with the issue of 1905-1919, stamps were printed on paper with a lonzenge patterned watermark. Late in the Germania lifespan for the issue of 1921-1922, three Germania stamps were printed on paper with a network patterned watermark. Two stamps from the 1920-1922 issue were printed on paper with the quatrefoil watermark.

How much does a German postage stamp cost?

🥇 🏆 German stamps may cost up to 1,430,000 USD. See the full TOP-10 rating of most rare and most expensive stamps of Germany on

Which is the most rare type of German stamp?

2-mark Germania stamp with quatrefoil watermark is a rare variety of this unique collectible that is quite expensive nowadays. Philatelists assume that only a few specimens of the stamps (approximately three) were printed (perhaps by mistake) on paper with a watermark of repeating quatrefoils, which look like little diamond-shaped clouds.

How big is a 2 mark German stamp?

Perforated 13½x14½. A 2 mark stamp was issued in 1875, primarily for internal official use. This stamp is collected in many shade varieties. Typographed.