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How much is a Callaway Corvette AeroWagen?

The $144,000 Callaway AeroWagen Is Way More Than Just A Corvette With A Weird Roof.

What is a Callaway package?

Callaway Cars Inc. is an American specialty vehicle manufacturer and engineering company that designs, develops and manufactures high performance product packages for cars, pickup trucks and SUVs. They specialize in Corvettes and GM vehicles.

Did Corvette make a station wagon?

1954 Corvette Nomad– Built for the 1954 Motorama show season, the Nomad (not to be confused with the 1955 production car) was a station wagon version of the original 1953 C1 Corvette. It looked stunning but with the original Corvette anything but a sales success, it never made it to production.

What is a Hennessey Corvette?

When the C7 Corvette was introduced in 2013, John Hennessey drove their modified Vette with 700 hp to a top speed of 200.6 mph – on a newly built Texas toll-road, the Grand Parkway, near Houston. Fast forward to 2020 and the introduction of the all-new mid-engine C8 Corvette.

When was the Corvette station wagon made?

Back in 1954, Chevy rolled out the Corvette Nomad concept, a wagon based on the Corvette’s original design. It never entered production, but in 2004, Advance Automotive Technologies created such a model, turning the C6 Corvette into a practical wagon, and one is now for sale.

How much horsepower does a Callaway Corvette Stingray have?

Callaway Corvette Stingray Callaway Corvette Grand Sport 1 Engine Displacement – 6.2L/376 cu. in. 2 Maximum Power – 627 hp @ 6400 rpm (SAE) 3 Maximum Torque – 610 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm (SAE) 4 0 to 60 mph – 3.4 seconds 5 1/4 Mile ET/Speed – 11.0 seconds @ 126 mph

Is the Callaway Corvette a good looking car?

• The Corvette is amazing in every way, you built a strong car that handles as if it is on rails. You made it a supercar. Car is blazingly fast and really great looking with the hood and Double-D exhaust with talon suspension… – Gerard, 2005 Callaway Corvette

What kind of aftermarket warranty does Callaway offer?

Callaway offers the most comprehensive aftermarket warranty in the industry. Overlapping the factory GM warranty, Callaway covers all Callaway components and GM components that are affected by Callaway components.