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How much does it cost to rent a house at the Outer Banks?

The average cost per night, per person in an oceanfront Outer Banks vacation rental home is as low as $45 a night!

How much does it cost to rent a house in the Outer Banks for a week?

Condos & Beach Homes from Just $795 to $2,000 Per Week! Need some help selecting a beach home? Tell us your budget and we’ll help you find an OBX vacation home that’s perfect for your family.

How expensive is it to live in the Outer Banks?

Nags Head cost of living is 112.0

COST OF LIVING Nags Head North Carolina
Housing 147.7 81
Median Home Cost $445,400 $242,300
Utilities 98.3 99.2
Transportation 68.7 83.9

What is the nicest part of the Outer Banks?

The Best Places to Live in the Outer Banks

  • Corolla. The most northern town in the Outer Banks, Corolla is home to miles of beautiful beaches, wild horses, fabulous restaurants, a plethora of outdoor activities, and great golfing.
  • Duck.
  • Southern Shores.
  • Kitty Hawk.
  • Kill Devil Hills.
  • Nags Head.
  • Manteo.
  • Rodanthe.

Are Outer Banks beaches free?

Luckily, there are plenty of free places to park on the Outer Banks! If you prefer the beach in your back yard, we have a huge selection of great oceanfront homes to choose from, but if you’ve booked your dream vacation house and it isn’t oceanfront, don’t worry!

Is it safe to live in the Outer Banks?

One of the benefits of living on the Outer Banks and the high price of real estate is that the county and towns are fairly well-to-do. We have very good county services. All of these factors help to keep crime at a low level and make the Outer Banks a wonderful place to live.

Where do locals live in Outer Banks?

What is the nicest part of Outer Banks?

Is Hilton Head considered the Outer Banks?

Let’s start with the basics. The Outer Banks is a 200-mile string of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. About 500 miles south is Hilton Head, a small island off of the South Carolina Coast.

Why the Outer Banks is the best place to vacation?

It’s quiet compared to other vacation spots, and it makes for the perfect get away. From Corolla to Hatteras, and everything in-between, the Outer Banks of North Carolina is one of the best places to vacation in the world. Every summer since I was born, my family and I have traveled to the Outer Banks, North Carolina for vacation.

Where is the best place to stay in the Outer Banks?

Kitty Hawk is arguably one of the best places to live in the Outer Banks. This year-round location is known for its first flight namesake, kiteboarding , surfing, boating, kayaking, golf, and maritime forests.

Where to stay Outer Banks NC?

The Kitty Hawk area of the Outer Banks is a popular tourist spot because of its beautiful beaches and being home to the Wright Brothers Memorial , Currituck Lighthouse and The Lost Colony. And one of the best places to stay during your visit to the area is the Hilton Garden Inn.

What is Duck Outer Banks?

Duck is an Outer Banks community located between Corolla and Southern Shores. Touted as one of the best beaches in America for families, Duck is residential beach town, catering to family vacations.