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How much does fistula laser surgery cost?

On average, the price of fistula surgery ranges between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,10,000.

Is laser Operation Good for fistula?

Conclusions: Laser closure is a safe and effective treatment for transphinteric anal fistula. The fistula length is the only significant prognostic factor when closing anal fistulas exclusively with laser: shorter fistulas have a better outcome.

Which is best surgery for fistula?

Fistulotomy – It is a process in which the surgeon cuts open the whole length of the fistula so as to convert the tunnel into an open groove. This allows the fistula tract to heal up. This procedure can only be done for fistulas with no or very less sphincter involvement.

Is laser surgery for fistula painful?

Here, in most cases the patient would be given anaesthesia and the surgery is done without major cuts and wounds. The reason why most people choose laser treatment is because: Almost painless.

How is fistula laser surgery done?

3, 4, 5 One of these new sphincter preserving techniques is the Fistula-tract Laser Closure (FiLaC™, Biolitec AG, Jena, Germany). The procedure uses laser technology to obliterate the epithelial layer of the fistula tract by using a radially emitting laser without damaging the sphincter.

What is fistula laser treatment?

Fractional laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time, analogous to a photographic image being enhanced or altered pixel by pixel.

Can fistula come back after surgery?

Unfortunately, despite proper treatment and complete healing, an abscess or a fistula can come back. If an abscess comes back, it suggests that perhaps there is a fistula that needs to be treated. If a fistula comes back, additional surgery will likely be required to treat the problem.

What is laser treatment of fistula?

The procedure consists of delivering laser energy at 360° within the lumen of fistulas by means of a radial fiber which is slowly withdrawn from the external orifice. Laser ablation is limited to the lumen of fistulas making the technique ‘sphincter-saving’.

What is laser fistula surgery?

Fistula laser closure (FiLaC) is a novel sphincter-saving procedure for the treatment of anal fistula. Primary closure of the track is achieved using laser energy emitted by a radial fiber connected to a diode laser.

Are there any laser surgery for tonsils in Mumbai?

Even as problems of tonsils, piles, varicose veins and fistula have become common in urban areas, there are now many solutions as well. Laser surgery in Mumbai is a safe and sophisticated method of treating these problems without any invasive surgery.

Is it safe to have laser surgery in Mumbai?

Laser surgery in Mumbai is a safe and sophisticated method of treating these problems without any invasive surgery. Laser surgery essentially uses a focused light to cut skin tissues and treat problems so that one doesn’t have to go under the knife.

Which is the best hospital for piles in Mumbai?

Best Hospital Set up. We are a Surgeon Driven Clinic, unlike other Patient aggregator service providers. Patients come first at Mumbai Piles Clinic. World class medical treatment for piles, fissures, fistulas and other anorectal conditions is now available in Mumbai, India.