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How much does a Yamaha Pacifica cost?

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC12 Electric Guitar; Black

List Price: $262.00 Details
Price: $209.99
You Save: $52.01 (20%)

Is the Yamaha Pacifica a super strat?

Yamaha Pacifica 012/112 This is one of the most popular electric guitars on the market, and that comes down to simple reasons of quality and consistency. It’s a universally appealing design (basically a Superstrat with a touch of tradition about it) and it has been put together solidly using decent quality parts.

Is Pacifica 012 a good guitar?

The Yamaha Pacifica 012 electric guitar has always been known for outstanding playability and great tone thus bringing amazing value to musicians for more than a decade. The two single coils and humbucker pick-ups offer the player a vast choice of sounds for every mood – blues, funk, rock, jazz, and country.

Can you play metal on a Yamaha Pacifica?

Metal is perferably played with humbuckers but that doesn’t mean you can’t play Metal without Humbuckers. The Yamaha Pacifica is a really great guitar. You should get it.

Are Yamaha pacificas good?

If you’re looking for a well-made and well-finished guitar that’s easy to play but won’t break the bank, the Yamaha Pacifica is a good choice. What’s more, the HSS pickup configuration also gives you plenty of playing versatility. The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is a guitar we like a lot.

What kind of guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica?

electric guitars
Yamaha Pacifica is the name of a series of electric guitars manufactured by Yamaha. The line was originally designed in Yamaha’s California custom-shop by Rich Lasner, working with guitar builder Leo Knapp. Initially intended by Lasner and Knapp as a test project, Yamaha Japan chose to produce the instruments.

What is the difference between Yamaha Pacifica 112J and 112V?

The difference between the Pacifica 112J and the Pacifica 112V is the use of the Alnico-V pickups. They are a higher-quality piece of installed equipment. As well as the use of plastic knobs (112J) over the classier metallic (112V).

Does Yamaha Pacifica come with cable?

The Pacifica 112V & THR5 Beginner Pack includes the following: Yamaha Pacifica 112V Electric Guitar in Black Finish (With 2 Year Guarantee) Guitar Strap. Guitar Cable.

Is Yamaha Pacifica good for blues?

A Yamaha Pacifica can be used for almost any genre of music out there. I think they shine best with the following: Blues – These make great blues guitars thanks to the single-coil pickups in the neck and middle position. County – The pickups in the Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well suited to Country music.

Is Yamaha Pacifica a good beginner guitar?

The best electric guitar for beginners overall The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is still, decades after it was launched, almost the perfect beginner electric guitar. The ‘Strat’ style body shape is ergonomic and easy to play sat down, yet is light enough to make playing stood up a breeze.

Is the Yamaha Pacifica 611 an electric guitar?

The Yamaha Pacifica 611 Electric Guitars offer versatility in tone, classic tone wood construction, and a comfortable body design, all at an extremely affordable price. The 611 gives you that custom shop look, feel and performance with professional options.

What are the pickups on a Yamaha Pacifica?

The pickups are again Seymour Duncans: a Trembucker-spaced version of the full and powerful Custom V and the vintage-correct SP90-1 at the neck, selected by a three-way lever switch and augmented by a pull/push switch on the tone control to split the bridge humbucker.

When did the Yamaha Pacifica 600 come out?

First launched in 1990, the Pacifica Series was driven by the California session scene of the day – where versatility, performance and individuality were key. Inspired by those custom shop guitars and that original vision, Pacifica 600 models represent today’s embodiment of the Pacifica concept.

What kind of humbucker does a Pacifica 600 have?

All current Pacifica 600 models feature a TB-14 “Custom 5” humbucker in the bridge position for full tone with a scooped midrange and a coil tap for additional versatility. PAC611 models pair this with an SP90-1 for vintage soapbar tone, and PAC612 models use SSL-1 single-coils in the middle and neck positions for authentic 1950s chime.