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How much does a super modified car cost?

It can cost upward of $60,000 to build a competitive super; winners’ purses are typically a few thousand dollars. The cars are direct drive, which means they have no clutches or transmissions, so they have to be pushed to be started — kind of like giving a grizzly bear a sharp nudge to wake it from hibernation.

What exactly is a super modified?

A supermodified is built around a 1½” tubular chrome moly steel chassis with about two inches of ground clearance. It has a minimal fiberglass and/or aluminum body for a total weight of between 1,650 to 1,850 pounds. This offset design is still essentially the backbone of all supermodifieds built.

How much is a modified race car?

When buying new, complete Modifieds end up in the $35,000 to $38,000 range without an engine. Unlike Late Models, though, Modified racing offers a Crate Engine package that costs between $5,000 and $7,000, depending one where it’s purchased.

What is a Super Late Model race car?

Meanwhile, a Super Late Model is a super lightweight aluminum interior car that weighs 2,800 lbs with a rack and pinion, three-link suspension. These cars use trailing arms to connect the rear end to the frame. The trailing arms can have different lengths to help the car turn.

How much horsepower does a super modified have?

The bodies are fabricated from fiberglass and aluminum. The cars are powered by American fuel-injected V8 engines that run on methanol fuel and can produce in excess of 800 horsepower. At a weight of around 1,850 pounds the cars achieve an enormous power-to-weight ratio.

How big is Oswego Speedway?

5/8 mile
Welcome to Oswego Speedway The track was paved during 1952 and remained a 3/8 mile track until 1961 when it was enlarged to its current 5/8 mile size. The Oswego Speedway has been a continuously run weekly race track since it opened in August of 1951.

How much does a Mod Lite cost?

So you can get into a starter Mod-Lite for $5000 to $7000, a competitive car from $8,000 to $10,000 and a new one for $15,000 plus.” The group of drivers and owners in the Mod-Lite division are trying to bring back the class.

What engines do Super late models run?

Super late models are the premier divisions of asphalt short track racing in the United States and Canada. They typically feature engines with upwards of 600 brake horsepower (450 kW), American naturally aspirated V8s, under the hood of a custom built chassis weighing around 2,750 pounds (1,250 kg; 196 st).

Where can I use my Speedway Superfleet MasterCard?

The Speedway SuperFleet Mastercard ® gives your drivers fueling access at over 3,000 Speedway locations in the US. with the added convenience of fueling at over 175,000 locations nationwide that accept Mastercard ® cards. 1 Rebates are cents per gallon based on the number of gallons purchased at Speedway locations per calendar month.

What kind of card do I need for speedway?

The SuperFleet Mastercard is a Speedway fleet fuel and maintenance card program designed for businesses like yours.

How many Supermodifieds race at Midvale Speedway?

The MSS Supermodifieds returned to Midvale Speedway from it’s inaugural season and did not disappoint fans as they craved for more. Thirteen supermodifieds made the trip to the 3/10th’s mile oval while 11 started the feature.

What do you get with points at Speedway?

At Speedway, with nearly every purchase–candy bars, drinks, you name it–you earn points toward free fuel and food, merchandise, & gift cards! Get the Benefits & Savings that Put You in the Driver’s Seat.