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How much does a psych tech make?

National estimates for Psychiatric Technicians:

Percentile 10% 50% (Median)
Hourly Wage $ 12.00 $ 16.84
Annual Wage (2) $ 24,960 $ 35,030

What skills do you need to be a mental health technician?

Skill in preparing and maintaining patient records. Knowledge of patient care charts and patient histories. Ability to communicate and interact with mental health professionals in a team environment. Ability to make administrative and procedural decisions and judgments on sensitive, confidential issues.

Where do psychiatric technicians make the most money?

Highest paying cities for Psychiatric Technicians in United States

  • Stockton, CA. 21 salaries reported. $45.82. per hour.
  • Portland, OR. 28 salaries reported. $16.54. per hour.
  • Salt Lake City, UT. 9 salaries reported. $14.32. per hour.
  • Houston, TX. 28 salaries reported. $14.10. per hour.
  • Nashville, TN. 6 salaries reported. $13.85. per hour.

Does a psychiatric technician make good money?

A Psychiatric Technician can receive an average pay level of between $24,960 – $59,020 depending on the level of seniority. Employees who work in this career are compensated highest in Public Administration, where they earn pay of $48,730.

What are the requirements for a mental health technician?

Educational Requirements. Most mental health technicians have a high school diploma, and a short period of on-the-job training. A few schools offer a two-year Associate of Science degree in Medical Health Technology.

Should schools be required to teach mental health?

Schools should teach at least a basic program of mental health skills, drawn from either CBT or DBT (or a mix of both).

What is the job of a mental health technician?

Much of the work of many mental health technician jobs involves direct patient care. This might mean helping patients with self-care, like grooming or bathing, or helping a patient get settled in a hospital by inspecting their items for anything dangerous, and helping them make up a bed and put away their things.

Do teachers recognize mental illness?

Teachers can take steps in their classroom to help recognize mental health issues in students. They can educate themselves and others on the symptoms of mental health issues, provide a safe environment, encourage good health, and help students access mental health resources.