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How much does a mini sprint cost?

They boast the identical suspension arrangement-solid axles and four torsion bars-found on full-size Sprint cars and Midgets….Quit Dreaming, Start Driving.

Base price $7,500
Price as tested $13,000

What is a lightning sprint?

Mini sprints and Lightning sprints are fairly interchangeable names used to describe sprint cars that are essentially midgets powered by a 1000cc chain-drive motorcycle engine. Micro sprints are roughly half the size of a Lightning or mini, and use a 600cc chain-drive motorcycle engine.

Can adults race quarter midgets?

The adult-size midget being raced during the start of quarter midget racing used an oval track of one-fifth of a mile in length. Current upper-class quarter midgets can exceed 45 miles per hour, but remain safe due to the limited size of the track.

What is 600 Micro Sprint?

The perfect family racing vehicle is the 600 Micro Sprint. Micro Sprints utilize 600CC engines that are in full supply at motorcycle wrecking yards – it seems those crotch rocket riders you feel buzzing by you on the Hollywood freeway lay those things down creating a replenishing supply of Micro Sprint power plants.

What is mini sprint car racing?

A mini sprint is an American type of open-wheel racing vehicle. Mini sprint cars resemble the shape of a full-size sprint car and the size of a midget car. Although often used liberally to describe several different types of motorcycle-powered open-wheel racing cars, the term mini sprint actually applies to cars…

What is micro sprint racing?

Micro sprints are small racecars that are smaller versions of full sprint cars. A starter class for striving sprint car enthusiasts, they run side mounted 600cc motorcycle engines developing around 100hp and are chain driven. They have a chassis and a body styled like that of a full sized sprint car or midget.

What is a micro sprint?

Micro Sprint. Micro Sprints are a cross between a full size Sprint and Midget race car. Like a small rocket ship, this type of dirt track racing is just as action packed as the rest, but in a scaled down package.