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How much does a 20 yard dumpster cost?

The average national cost for a 20 yard dumpster is $432.54, but prices can range from $248 to $632. Our all-inclusive rates include delivery, pickup, taxes, disposal and a specified weight limit. Keep in mind that the exact dumpster price will depend on your area and the type of debris you’re tossing in the container.

How much does a 10 yard container cost?

The average national cost to rent a 10 yard dumpster is $376.90, ranging from $224 to $524. Our rates are all-inclusive, covering delivery, pickup, taxes and disposal with a generous weight limit. But keep in mind that prices vary depending on your location and the type of debris you’re throwing out.

How much is a 5 yard container?

Small Dumpster Rental Prices

Dumpster Size Average Cost Per Week
4 Yard Dumpster $180
5 Yard Dumpster $199
6 Yard Dumpster $219
8 Yard Dumpster $250

How much is it to rent a dumpster?

Average Price of Roll Off Dumpsters

Average Price Range Average Dumpster Cost Container
$347-$753 $501.46 30 Yard Dumpster
$431-$766 $571.76 40 Yard Dumpster
$287-$625 $432.07 20 Yard Dumpster
$279-$587 $418.54 15 Yard Dumpster

How much is a garbage bin rental?

The national average cost to rent a dumpster is $540. The weekly cost to rent a 10-yard dumpster ranges from $150 to $1000, 20-yard dumpsters range from $219 to $1100, 30-yard dumpsters range from $263 to $1200, and 40-yard dumpsters range from $282 to $1815.

What does a 3 yard bin look like?

The approximate overall dimensions of a 3-yard dumpster are: 6 feet long by 3.5 feet wide by 4 feet high. Please see the dumpster dimensions graphic, below. This size dumpster is what is commonly seen in alleyways, behind apartment buildings, and servicing small businesses.

How big is a 30 yard waste dumpster?

A 30 yard dumpster is 8 feet wide x 22 feet long x 6 feet high. It holds 30 cubic yards of waste. It holds 30 cubic yards of waste. A 40 yard dumpster is 8 feet wide x 22 feet long x 8 feet high.

What kind of trash cans are at Lowes?

Lowe’s has a selection of trash cans that’ll help you keep waste concealed and make the chore of taking it out easy. Whether you shop online or in store, we carry some of the most popular trash can brands, including Rubbermaid trash cans and simplehuman trash cans, to meet your trash management needs.

What kind of dumpster does wastequip have?

You’ve come to the right place! Wastequip offers a variety of quality steel dumpsters and containers. We have containers to handle most any application, including open-top roll-off and tub-style dumpsters, as well as front and rear load containers, plus dumpsters with and without casters.

What kind of trash is a roll off dumpster made of?

A roll-off dumpster is a heavy-duty trash container used for big cleanup projects. This large, sturdy trash container is rectangular in shape and made of welded steel with an open top for easy, on-location loading of junk, trash and debris.