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How much do profile cranks weigh?

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 9 in
Crank Length/ Color 170mm Black, 172mm Black, 172mm Chrome +$31.00, 177mm Chrome +$31.00

What are the lightest MTB cranks?

The XCXr crankset that comes in at just 392-grams, otherwise known as “The lightest mountain bike cranks on the market,” according to e*thirteen.

Are Profile cranks good?

Simply the best three-piece dirt cranks that money can buy… Because the Profiles are made from tubular steel they’re rock solid and good for harder hitting riders who break conventional aluminium alloy cranks.

How much do shimano dxr cranks weigh?

For comparison the alloy Shimano DXR cranks weigh in at 969.6 grams.

What Are No Boss cranks?

-Profile No Boss cranks are exactly the same as our Race Cranks, with the sole exception that they lack a boss to bolt a sprocket onto them. They require you to run a Spline Drive Sprocket or Spider. They can be used for left or right hand drive.

What size is the spindle on profile cranks?

Column 22mm Cranks And the extremely hollow, 22mm GDH spindle is our best defense against twisting over time: the larger diameter allows us to take more meat out of the center, creating a lighter, much more rigid design.

What size spindle do I need BMX?

A: The Short Answer: If you have a Mid or a Spanish BB on your BMX Freestyle bike, you need the 5 5/8″ spindle. If you have an American BB on almost any style of frame, you need the 5 5/8″ spindle.

What is a Spanish BB?

SPANISH (SPAN) Spanish Bottom Brackets use a bearing that presses directly into the frame without the use of a cup for a clean, flush look. Spanish bearings are larger than the European bearings, but still smaller than the American bearings.

How much does a Cromo profile column crank weigh?

Surprisingly the cromo Elite crank arms with the titanium Elite axle weigh in at 995 grams, set up with the Elite bottom bracket and spider. They are a serious contender in the weight race. This compares to the 1095 grams of the Profile Column cranks with cromo axle and same bottom bracket and spider.

Where does profile Racing Elite cranks come from?

Profile are probably best known for their hubs, stems and cranks, they manufacture all of their products in USA and most of the manufacturing process happens in house at Profile’s HQ in Florida.

What was the first generation of elite cranks?

The first generation Elite cranks had a different spindle set up to what they have today. Rather than the light weight 22mm gun drilled hollow titanium axle they had a spindle with what could be described as compression wedges in the ends, which eliminated the need to use a crank tool and hammer to free the crank arm from the spindle.

What kind of crankset does BMX elite use?

The Elite is the stiffest crankset we’ve ever made! Oversized and gusseted, the Elite arms are constructed of heat treated 4340 Chromoly. The Elite crankset includes left & right crank arms, 22mm GDH Titanium axle, 4-bolt spline drive spider, outboard Euro bottom bracket, and 8mm GDH aluminum axle bolts in a choice of several sizes and colors.