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How much did Kyle and Kara make on the block?

The hard-working couple (who have been married for nine years) came third while on The Block, walking away with $567,250. They make regular appearances on Channel Ten’s The Living Room and have renovated close to 30 projects in the past three years.

How much did the block contestants win?

Sydney couple Mitch and Mark were named the winners of The Block Fans v Faves 2021, taking home $744,444 in prize money, after selling their cottage-style three-bedroom house for $4,044,444, which was $644,444 above the reserve, and taking home an additional $100,000 for the largest total over the reserve..

Who won the block auction?

The Block 2020 champs: Jimmy and Tam took home $1m+ It was the largest sum over the reserve of all five houses – which means Jimmy and Tam received an additional $100,000 in prize money as winners of the series. The 2020 results came as a great relief to host Scott Cam, he said after the sale last year..

How much did KYAL and Kara win?


Rank Couple Total Winnings
1 Steve & Chantelle $736,000
2 Alisa & Lysandra $616,000
3 Kyal & Kara $567,250
4 Brad & Dale $507,250

How old are KYAL and Kara?

In the snaps, Kara, 30, is seen cradling her sleepy-eyed bub while posing alongside her beaming husband Kyal, 30, and their 19-month-old son Ziya Christopher.

Did Jimmy and Tam get their money?

Winners of The Block 2020, Brisbane couple Tam and Jimmy Wilkins, have bought their first home in Pomona. They became the first millionaires in the show’s 13-year reign after their 1950s Palm Springs-inspired house in Brighton, Victoria, sold at auction for $4.256 million — $966,000 over reserve.

How much did Luke and Jasmin win on The Block?

The Block’s Luke and Jasmin were able to pay off their mortgage after getting a profit of more than $500,000 at auction. During Sunday’s season finale, the Perth couple made a huge $506,000 in profit after their home went under the hammer for $3,856,000.

How much did Ronnie and Georgia make on the Block?

For the record, Ronnie and Georgia were genuinely unlucky to come last, with winnings of $296,000 after taking their agent’s advice to go first in the auction order.17 hours ago

Who are the winners of the block auction?

The Block: Glasshouse 2014 (Prahran, Vic) Winners: Shannon and Simon Vos Total profit: $435,000

How many people watched the finale of the block?

The “winner announced” portion of the The Block netted 2.18 million viewers; the auctions grabbed 2.16 million; and the rest of the episode was watched by 1.89 million. The result is disappointing when compared to the previous Sky High season, which finished in July of last year.

How many houses have been sold on the block?

Since then, there have been 16 seasons of the show, each more challenging than the last (and yes, the contestants no longer have to work their normal jobs too – we’re not THAT mean)! Over 67 properties have sold so far. Block auctions are a rollercoaster of emotions. Do you recognise all of these faces? Have all the homes sold? Nup! By no means!

Who was the winner of the block in 2010?

The Block 2010 (Vaucluse, NSW) Winners: John and Neisha Pitt Total profit: $305,000. Image: Channel Nine