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How much did delish win from Big Brother Africa?

Namibia’s Dillish Pearl Mathews has won the Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality TV show and will smile home with the $300,000 prize money. In a finale of many shocks and twists, the undergraduate from Windhoek beat five other housemates who made the grand finale of the show.

Did delish win Big Brother?

Namibian beauty Dillish Matthews has emerged winner of the reality TV show Big Brother Africa.

Who is the owner of Big Brother Africa?

Big Brother Africa is the African version of the international reality television franchise Big Brother created by producer John de Mol in 1997….

Big Brother Africa
Original network Various, mainly M-Net, AfricaMagic Entertainment

Why did Dillish Mathews and Adebayor break up?

The former Arsenal player didn’t take lightly to the shade and has also taken to his Instagram stories to explain why they both parted ways in 2019. In the series of Instagram story posts dubbed #spicyFriday, Adebayor alleged that Dillish was cheating on him.

Did Prezzo win Big Brother?

Big Brother Africa 7 (also known as Big Brother Africa: StarGame!) was the seventh season of the Big Brother Africa reality television series produced by Endemol for M-Net. It began on 6 May 2012, and ran for 91 days ending on 5 August 2012….Big Brother Africa (season 7)

Big Brother Africa
Winner Keagan
Runner-up Prezzo
Season chronology

Who is Cherise makubale?

Cherise Makubale is a 24-year-old procurement officer from Kitwe, Zambia. Cherise won the first season of Big Brother Africa on 7 September 2003 and she is the one of only two female contestants who have ever won the show in its history.

Who is dating Adebayo?

Adebayor took to his Instagram account to introduce his new lover Marechal Sea, a 25-year-old. The former Arsenal and Manchester City broke up with Namibian Dillish Mathews and afterwards both deleted each other pictures from Instagram.

Who was the worst placed housemate on Big Brother 8?

The worst placed housemate is Emily Parr, also of Big Brother 8, who came 23rd after being ejected from the house.

Who are the people that have died in Big Brother?

Deaths 1 22 March 2009 – Jade Goody, Big Brother 3, Big Brother Panto and Celebrity Big Brother 5 housemate. (b. 1981) 2 17 May 2012 – Sophia Brown, Big Brother 10 housemate. (b. 1983) 3 9 April 2021 – Nikki Grahame, Big Brother 7 and Ultimate Big Brother housemate. (b. 1982)

Who is the only person to have been evicted from Big Brother?

Only one housemate, Nikki Grahame, has been voted back into the house after being evicted. Nick Bateman and Victor Ebuwa are the only people to have been housemates in three series; Big Brother, Big Brother Panto and Ultimate Big Brother.

Who was the first person to leave Big Brother 15?

Kimberly Kisselovich becomes the first housemate to leave due to an illness in Big Brother 15. Simon Gross becomes the first male housemate to be evicted first and the first housemate to be evicted on launch night in Big Brother 16 (though he did later return to the House).