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How much are Nikau palms?


Grade Height Indication Price
25 litre 100cm $195
135 litre New Grade 200cm $1380
wrapped New Grade 400cm+ (arriving early November 2021) $3850

How do you transplant a Nikau palm?

One expert I consulted recommended the best time to move them is between December and March, as soil temperatures then would give the best chance of healthy new root growth. Dig up as much of the root system as possible, trying to keep the soil intact around the root ball when you move it.

How can you tell how old a Nikau palm is?

Research conducted in lowland forests near Auckland found it takes 40–50 years to begin to form a trunk and about 200 years to reach 10 m tall. On average two fronds are shed per year leaving behind a leaf scar on the trunk which can be used to give a rough indication of age since the trunk began forming.

Are nikau palms poisonous?

The well-known bright yellow flowers are quite edible and are simply eaten raw or steeped into a tea, tasting somewhat like almonds. Although slightly toxic due to alkaloids, the small level of toxicity is not something to be concerned about in a survival situation. Neither the seeds nor pods are edible.

What conditions do nikau palms like?

Nikau need a frost-free position that is preferably damp and do best in a subtropical climate. They are slow-growing, taking about 100 years to reach a maximum height of 10-15m. In the first year after planting, water, water and water again.

Do people live on Pitt Island?

There’s no electricity or cellphones on Pitt Island – and there’s only around 50 people who actually live there. It’s quite uninhabited and it’s the eastern-most point of New Zealand.

Are Nikau palms poisonous?

Can you grow Nikau in pots?

Nikau’s give any NZ garden a distinctive tropical flavor they can also be grown in large containers for a number of years.

What conditions do Nikau palms like?

What do nikau palms look like?

A medium sized palm will grow to nine metres tall with a trunk up to 23cm in diameter, fronds at 1.5m – 4m in length, flowering can be quite attractive with large spiky inflorescences containing pinkish purple flowers which hang down below the base of the leaves, flowers are flowered by bright red fruit which make …

Where does the Pitt Island nikau palm come from?

The Pitt Island Nikau is fast becoming one of our most popular palms. Originating from Pitt Island (Chatham Islands), this variety of Nikau adapts incredibly well to the Auckland climate. Our Pitt Island Nikau’s are all grown from seed and sourced from our own mature in ground specimens.

Is the Pitt Island Nikau a slow grower?

This form is even more south eastern than most, as it is from Pitt Island. Nikaus are often regarded as very slow growing but it is curious fact that the variation that is endemic to the Chatham Islands (which includes Pitt) is much faster growing and sets viable seed years earlier than the mainland form.

How tall is Pitt Island in New Zealand?

It lies about 770 kilometres (480 mi) to the east of New Zealand’s main islands, and about 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the southeast of Chatham Island, from which it is separated by Pitt Strait. The island is hilly; its highest point (Waihere Head) rises to 241 metres (791 ft) above sea level.

What makes the Pitt Island palm so special?

Pitt Island Nikau grow faster with thicker trunks and more salt and wind-tolerant palms. Hardy on sandy coastal regions, they are also reasonably drought tolerant. Frost tender when young. Tropical, distinctive, elegant. World’s most southern palm.