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How many seats does a Dash 8 100 have?

37 passengers
Fast twin-engine turboprop aircraft able to carry up to 37 passengers. First choice worldwide in its class, the Dash-8 100 series ensures speed and a high level of comfort for up to 37 passengers.

What kind of plane is a Dash 8?

turboprop regional transport passenger aircraft
The De Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada DHC-8 or ‘Dash 8’ is a twin turboprop regional transport passenger aircraft which places its design concept on high performance and low operating costs.

Is the Dash 8 a safe plane?

Accidents and incidents. The DHC-8 has been involved in 80 aviation accidents and incidents including 31 hull losses. Those resulted in 180 fatalities.

Who made Dash 8 aircraft?

The Q400 Dash 8 airliner was developed by Bombardier to meet the requirements of regional airlines for larger aircraft on high-density, short-haul routes. The 350k Q400 airliner is one of the world’s quietest turboprop aircraft.

Is Bombardier a Canadian company?

Bombardier Inc., Canadian manufacturer of aircraft, rail transportation equipment and systems, and motorized consumer products. The company adopted its present name in 1978 and entered the aerospace field in 1986. Headquarters are in Montreal.

What happened to De Havilland Canada?

DHC was eventually acquired by Montreal-based Bombardier Aerospace in 1992. The deal, which closed on 3 June 2019 following regulatory approval, brought the entire de Havilland product line under the same banner for the first time in decades, under a new holding company named De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited.

Does De Havilland Canada still exist?

How many Dash 8’s are in the Air Canada fleet?

There are 15 of Bombardier Dash 8-100 turboprop aircraft type in the Air Canada Express fleet – operated by Air Canada Jazz. This aircraft is smallest type from Dash 8 family, the larger is Dash 8-300, and largest is Dash 8-Q400. The Series 100 was the original 37- to 39-passenger version of the Dash 8 that entered service in 1984.

How many passengers can a Bombardier Dash 8 hold?

The Bombardier Dash 8, previously the de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8, is a regional turboprop aircraft that was previously delivered in three size categories, typically seating from 37 passengers (Q100) to 90 passengers (Q400 NextGen).

How many Dash 8s are in service in South Africa?

South African Express Q400 (ZS-YBW) at Port Elizabeth Airport in 2013. A total of 143 Dash 8 Series 100 aircraft were in airline service with 35 operators as of July 2018. A total of 42 Dash 8 Series 200 aircraft were in commercial service with 16 operators as of July 2018.

What kind of engine does Bombardier Dash 100 have?

The Series 100 was the original 37- to 39-passenger version of the Dash 8 that entered service in 1984. The original engine was the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW120 and later units used the PW121. Rated engine power is 1,800 shp (1,340 kW).