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How many Marines are in a mortar platoon?

48 Marines
squad, one per team. Total: 13 Marines. Total for the Platoon: 48 Marines. assault, and heavy machine gun, support for the infantry battalion and its subordinate elements.

How many are in a mortar platoon?

The Mortar Platoon was made up of a six-man HQ and three 18-man mortar sections, each section armed with two 81mm M1 mortars. A total of six mortars and 60 men. A significant proportion of these 60 men were ammunition bearers.

How many soldiers are in a mortar team?

Mortar Team

M2 60mm Mortar Team
Army American
Role Infantry-mobile Light Artillery Team
Men per Squad 3
Unit Cost 280 280 3 3

How many people does it take to fire a mortar?

Mortars can fire over hills, buildings, rivers, ect. A mortar crew usually consists of at least three members. The gunner controls the deflection and elevation of the D&E mechanism. The assistant gunner loads the round at the command of the gunner.

What is a weapons platoon USMC?

Platoons. The platoons consist of 43 Marines who are led by a Sergeant. A weapons platoon usually has both a lieutenant and a gun sergeant due to the number of Marines. For the infantry battalion company, there will be three heavy weapons platoons that specialize in heavy machine gun, anti-armor, and mortar.

Can a mortar take out a tank?

The early tanks were mechanically rudimentary. However, even a near miss from field artillery or an impact from a mortar HE round could easily disable or destroy the tank: if the fuel tank was ruptured, it could incinerate the tank’s crew.

What is the mission of a mortar platoon?

FM 23-91 1-1 PART ONE INTRODUCTION AND FUNDAMENTALS OF MORTAR GUNNERY CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The mission of the mortar platoon is to provide close and immediate indirect fire support for the maneuver battalion and companies.

Who are the mortar men in the Marine Corps?

The mortar platoon is part of the weapons company in the Marine Corps. Headquarters Platoon: The platoon includes a commander, platoon sergeant, ammunition technician, and two ammunition men. Mortar Sections: Two sections composed of 32 soldiers in each section.

What kind of weapon is a marine mortar?

Mortars are an old-school type of weapon that has been used for hundreds of years, though current styles used by the Marines are far more modern. However, the basic operation of mortars remains relatively comparable with a few basic working components.

What kind of mortars are used in MOS 11C?

FM 23-91 v PREFACE This manual provides guidance for MOS 11C soldiers and their trainers on the employment of the 60-mm (M224 and M19) mortars, 81-mm (M252 and M29A1) mortars, 4.2-inch (M30) mortar, and 120-mm (M120) mortars.