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How many flavors of jelly Bellys are there?

More Than 100 Flavors Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in more than 100 different flavors.

What are the 36 jelly Bean Flavours?

Inside the pocket-sized box you’ll find an eclectic fruity mix of flavours, including: Caribbean coconut, cola, candy floss, marshmallow, grape, bubblegum, tangerine, pomegranate, south seas kiwi, strawberry smoothie, wild cherry, pina colada, cinnamon, caramel popcorn, sour lemon, pear, butterscotch, passion fruit.

What are the original jelly bean flavors?

Introduced in 1976, the eight original jelly bean flavors include Very Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Lemon, Licorice and Grape.

What flavor is a brown jelly bean?

Toasted Marshmallow is opaque beige with brown splotches. It honestly tastes like toasted marshmallow, which is good or bad depending on whether or not you like toasted marshmallow. A&W Root Beer is a transparent brown jelly bean with a deliciously clean root beer flavor.

What are the bean Boozled flavors?

BeanBoozled 5th Edition is available now with the 3.5-oz….The 5th Edition BeanBoozled flavor pairings are:

  • Dirty Dishwater/Birthday Cake – NEW.
  • Stink Bug/Toasted Marshmallow – NEW.
  • Barf/Peach.
  • Toothpaste/Berry Blue.
  • Rotten Egg/Buttered Popcorn.
  • Stinky Socks/Tutti-Fruitti.
  • Canned Dog Food/Chocolate Pudding.
  • Spoiled Milk/Coconut.

What Flavour is white jelly beans?

Specifications for White Mini Jelly Beans 1kg

Size 1kg Bag or Bulk Box 12 Units
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Event / Occasion Wedding
Flavour Lemonade
Religious Halal

What is the best Jelly Belly flavor?

Nicole Fornabaio/, via, shutterstock. The combination of an authentic blueberry flavor and hint of citrus makes Berry Blue one of the best Jelly Belly flavors.

Where to buy Jelly Bellies?

Belly Flops® can be purchased online, at our Jelly Belly Visitor Centers or company stores. For more information on the Vacaville Premium Outlets, click here. Gilroy Company Store 681 Leavesley Rd. The Gilroy Jelly Belly store is located in the Gilroy Premium Outlets, located in Gilroy, California.

What are the ingredients in Jelly Belly?

Ingredients. All Jelly Belly jelly beans vary in terms of the specific ingredients that give them their flavor, but all also share the same fundamental ingredients that make them a jelly bean: sugar, corn starch and glucose syrup. The Jelly Belly company does not disclose the specific ingredients used to give flavor,…

What are the flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans?

Jelly beans. The company’s signature product, the Jelly Belly jelly bean, comes in more than 50 varieties, ranging from traditional flavors like orange, lemon, lime, and cherry, to more exotic ones like cinnamon, pomegranate, cappuccino, buttered popcorn, and chili-mango.