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How many fire stations are in Springfield MO?

Springfield Fire Department (MO)

Operational area
Battalions 2
Stations 12
Engines 9
Trucks 5

Whats Springfield MO known for?

Springfield is known for its big-city attractions and small-town charm. Also known as the “Queen City” of the Ozarks, Springfield acts as a central shopping and entertainment hub for the smaller surrounding communities.

Why is Springfield MO called Springfield?

Springfield’s nickname is “Queen City of the Ozarks” as well as “The 417” after the area code for the city. It is also known as the “Birthplace of Route 66”. It is home to three universities, Missouri State University, Drury University, and Evangel University….

Springfield, Missouri

How many fire departments are in Missouri?

Total number of registered fire departments by state and territories

State Count
Missouri 777
Montana 281
Nebraska 392
Nevada 87

How do I become a firefighter in Springfield MO?

Read the complete Firefighter job description….Requirements – Minimum Qualifications

  1. Age 18 or older;
  2. High School graduation or G.E.D.
  3. No felony convictions;
  4. No serious misdemeanor convictions for the past 5 years;
  5. Vision correctable to 20/30;
  6. Excellent physical condition.

Do people like living in Springfield MO?

Enjoy the life you want. Living in Springfield, MO is easy. It’s a place that has everything you need. We have a plentiful and growing job market, great schools, world-class health care, and all the entertainment and cultural options of a big city—but with far less stress and an abundance of character and friendliness.

Who founded Springfield MO?

John Polk Campbell
In 1818, the first permanent settlement of a white family in southwest Missouri was established and in 1829, John Polk Campbell and his brother carved their initials in an ash tree with the intention of returning to the area to settle, an act considered to be the founding of Springfield.

What is the oldest restaurant in Springfield MO?

Pappy’s Place is the oldest restaurant in Springfield, operating since 1933.

What is Springfield Missouri’s nickname?

Queen City
Some historical reference’s recognize Springfield as Missouri’s ‘Queen City’. This nickname was first coined by Sempronius (Pony) H. Boyd, a prominent Lawyer, judge and Congressman who lived in Springfield in the 19th Century.

What is a lieutenant in the Fire Department?

The Fire Lieutenant is responsible for the administration and supervision of a fire company for fire suppression, hazardous material response, rescue operations and emergency medical services.

Can a felon be a firefighter in Missouri?

Must not be a convicted felon nor have any serious misdemeanor charges against their name during the last 5 years. Have 20/30 vision or better (with or without glasses/contact lenses).

When was the first police department in Springfield MO?

1849 – Town Constable appointed for the first time. 1858 – With a population of 1,200 citizens, Springfield established the first Police Department consisting of a Marshal (Chief) and two officers.

Where was the house fire in Springfield MO?

The Springfield Fire Department has ruled a July 23 house fire in the Galloway Village neighborhood accidental. The origin on the fire is still unknown, but fire officials have ruled out any suspicion of foul play. Read on…

What was the first fire company in Springfield?

On August 9, 1847, the City Council and the Fire Commission drew up an ordinance to form the first recorded Ladder Company to cover the City of Springfield. The company consisted of seventeen members, a hand full of painters’ ladders, and a two-wheeled cart that was pulled by two of the members.

Where was the Central Station in Springfield MO?

1876 – Four officers and the Marshall worked the “Central Station” above the fire station at 414 West College Street. 1888 – On the morning of August 9, 1888, Officers Fred J. Palmore and Clay Roberts went to make an arrest at a home on Good Children’s Lane, an area with a reputation for criminal activities.