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How many cylinders did the W201 190E Cosworth have?

With a fuel consumption of 9.8 litres/100km – 29 mpg UK – 24 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 7.7 seconds, a maximum top speed of 143 mph (230 km/h), a curb weight of 2866 lbs (1300 kgs), the W201 190E 2.5-16 has a naturally-aspirated Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code 102.990.

Are Mercedes 190E reliable?

The 190E is generally robust and reliable, little of a significant nature goes wrong with them. The body is strong and doesn’t suffer from rust to any degree; the paint quality is also of a good standard such that they still sparkle if looked after.

How many Mercedes Cosworth were made?

Only 502 examples were ever produced in compliance with the DTM homologation rules, all for the 1990 model year. The example seen here is number 55 of the bunch, and under the hood wields its original 2.5-liter Cosworth engine with just 29,852 miles on the odometer.

What years did Mercedes make the 190E?

Mercedes-Benz W201

Mercedes-Benz W201 (190, 190 E, 190 D)
Production September 1982 – April 1993 1,874,668 produced
Assembly Germany: Bremen Germany: Sindelfingen Poland: Jelcz-Laskowice Thailand: Thonburi (TAAP)
Designer Peter Pfeiffer Bruno Sacco (1979)
Body and chassis

How much does a Mercedes 190 weigh?

The Mercedes Benz W201 190E 2.3 weighs 1220 Kg / 2690 lbs.

Should I buy a 190E?

A 190E sounds like a great idea for a ‘leisure car’ – one that you might enjoy driving for fun – but not ideal for being relied on to get you to work. I’d suggest only buying it if it’s going cheaply, and you have enough left for a new head gasket.

What engine does the Mercedes 190E have in it?

Mercedes-Benz W201

Mercedes-Benz W201 (190, 190 E, 190 D)
Engine Petrol: 1.8, 2.0, 2.3 L M102 8V I4 2.3, 2.5 L M102 16V I4 2.6 L M103 I6 3.2 L M103 AMG I6 Diesel: 2.0, 2.2 L OM601 I4 2.5 L OM602 I5 diesel 2.5 L OM602 Turbo-diesel I5
Transmission 4-speed manual 5-speed manual 4-speed 4G-Tronic automatic

How much is a 190E Cosworth worth?

Brand new, the Evo II would set you back a cool $80,000. But finding one today is even more of a hit to your wallet — this one recently surfaced on eBay and has a bid of $135,100 per this writing. UPDATE: The final sale price was $145,000. Expensive as it may be, this Evo II is well worth the asking price.

Is the Mercedes 190e Cosworth a collectable car?

While the power output is low by today’s standards, the 190e Cosworth was one of the greatest European sport sedans on the road in its day, making it the most desirable Mercedes-Benz collectable today.

What kind of engine does the Mercedes Cosworth have?

Cosworth Package Features The 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190e Cosworth 2.3 16V started with the unique four-cylinder engine, which features a twin-cam, four-valves-per-cylinder head, a high-flow intake manifold, an exhaust header and a free-flowing exhaust system.

Where was the Mercedes 190e Cosworth test track?

Before reaching production, Mercedes took the 190E 2.3-16 to the ultimate reliability test, by doing extensive testing at the Nardo ring, a 7.8 mile long high-speed test track in Italy.

What kind of engine does a Mercedes 190 have?

When coupled with the suspension, braking, interior and exterior upgrades of the Cosworth-tuned 190, this high-revving engine made the 2.3 16V one of the greatest sport sedans of the era and that has made them hot collector’s items today.