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How long is Fraser Island Great Walk?

8 days
Everyone can enjoy the K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk. While the entire 90km Great Walk takes 6–8 days to complete, short easy walks are also available.

Can you hike on Fraser Island?

If you’re fit enough to spend a whole day on foot, challenge yourself to take on a few of the longer hikes that make up the Fraser Island Great Walk. Expect challenging routes of between 12 and 25km that will take you through open forest and wetlands, along rainforest-clad ridges and past giant freshwater lakes.

Is Fraser Island Great Walk open?

Fraser Island Great Walk is open 24 hours a day.

How do you get to Fraser Island?

The most popular way to get to Fraser Island is by a ferry or barge from Hervey Bay – the whale-watching capital of the world, or Rainbow Beach. Alternatively, if you are a more adventurous soul, you can fly over to the island in a light aircraft and land on the beach itself!

Is there WiFi on Fraser Island?

There is WiFi on Fraser Island, specifically at the major lodging locations including Kingfisher Bay Resort, Happy Valley, and Eurong. WiFi is a phone’s way to connect to the internet. It is important to note that WiFi reception can also be spotty on the island just like mobile phone reception can be.

Is there taxis on Fraser Island?

Fraser Island Taxi Service offers the most adventurous taxi journey you’ll ever have. Established in 1985 and the only taxi service of its kind, Fraser Island Taxi can pick up from anywhere on the Island and take to any destination on Fraser Island or in Queensland.

Do you need a 4wd to go to Fraser Island?

Yes, you can drive on Fraser Island. You must have a 4WD to drive on the resort (aside from Kingfisher Resort). It is important to note that Fraser Island has the same road laws as the rest of Australia. Drivers who do not obey the rules of the road will be fined.

Can you drive your boat to Fraser Island?

Ferries and barges provide primary access to travellers as well as vehicles to Fraser Island. As featured on the official website of Tourism Fraser Coast, “Fraser Island ferry and barge services, both vehicle and passenger, operate from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach daily to various points on Fraser Island.

Are there any crocodiles on Fraser Island?

Crocodiles within Fraser Island Saltwater Crocodiles are found in Australia’s northern region, found in the tropics of Australia in both their shallow seashores and murky rivers and lakes. However, crocodiles do not have a permanent population on Fraser Island, but they can pop up on occasion.

Is there phone reception at Fraser Island?

As one of the most remote travel destinations in Australia, K’gari (Fraser Island) has intermittent mobile phone coverage and the weak signal will often disappear completely during high wind or periods of bad weather. You may also like to bring a satellite phone with you in case of an emergency.

Do you have to have a car on Fraser Island?

Yes you will need to do the Beauty Spots tour from Kingfisher (a 1 day tour) or else hire a 4wd to explore yourself. (Please note 4wd vehicles hired from major rental car companies are not permitted to be driven on the island – you will need to hire a vehicle specifically prepared for Fraser Island).

Can you take a 2WD to Fraser Island?

The resort itself is accessible by 2WD but 2WD vehicles are not permitted off the resort. There are also ferries from Rainbow Beach, but you will land directly on 75 mile beach and will definitely have to be driving a 4wd to access this part of the island. Departure times may be affected by the tides.

Is there a hiking company on Fraser Island?

Fraser Island Hiking is the only company on Fraser Island to offer supported hiking, with permits to support hikers along the Fraser Island Great Walk track system and walkers camps.

How long is the Great Walk on Fraser Island?

Everyone can enjoy the K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk. While the entire 90km Great Walk takes 6–8 days to complete, short easy walks are also available. These range from easy strolls to half-day and full-day adventures. Overlook the emerald green waters of Lake Wabby.

Where is Fraser Island in North Queensland Australia?

Fraser Island is located 250 km north of Brisbane. The main service town near the island is Hervey Bay. This was originally 3 small seaside towns that have grown together to become one long narrow town about 4 km long. The island is clearly visible from the town. Access

How many bushwalking trips are there in Australia?

According to, there were 18.4 million bushwalking trips taken in Australia in 2014, and that number had soared to 27 million by 2018 – a 47 per cent increase. Trips to national parks also surged in popularity, from 22.8 million to 30.3 million.