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How long is a train ride from Kyoto to Mt Fuji?

The best way to get from Kyoto to Mount Fuji (Mountain) without a car is to train which takes 4h 48m and costs ¥33000 – ¥45000.

How far apart are Kyoto and Osaka?

43 km
The distance between Kyoto and Osaka is 43 km. The road distance is 56.1 km.

Is Mount Fuji closer to Tokyo or Kyoto?

Fujinomiya is between Tokyo and Kyoto and is the closest city to the majestic Mount Fuji. Fujinomiya city is a short drive from Shin-Fuji station, which takes just over an hour from Tokyo station on the bullet train.

Is Mt Fuji visible from Kyoto?

Whether you’re heading to Osaka or Kyoto from Tokyo, Mt. For the most part, Mt. Fuji can be seen from inside the shinkansen between Shinagawa and Lake Hamana just past Hamamatsu. Just as the train departs Shinagawa Station, the mountain will make its beautiful debut from the E seat on the far right.

How do you get from Osaka to Mount Fuji?

Probably the simplest route between Osaka and Mount Fuji is to take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station as far as Mishima Station in Shizuoka Prefecture and then transfer to a highway express bus bound for Kawaguchiko.

Can you take the bullet train from Tokyo to Mt Fuji?

The bullet train doesn’t take you to Mt. Fuji’s 5th Station, but it will take you to a nearby area with some of the best views of the mountain. Using your JR pass (Japan Rail pass), board the Tokaido Shinkansen train in Tokyo and travel to Odawara Station.

Is Osaka close to Kyoto?

The two cities are well-connected and there are numerous ways of making the journey. The fastest way to travel from Osaka to Kyoto is by rail. Using your JR pass you can catch a Shinkansen bullet train which only takes around 15 minutes to travel a distance of 56.4km.

How long is the bullet train from Tokyo to Mount Fuji?

From Tokyo take the Shinkansen (just 36 minutes) or JR Tokaido line / from Shinjuku (about 90 minutes) → Odawara with your Japan Rail Pass.

What is the best time to visit Mt Fuji?

The best months to see Mount Fuji would be somewhere between October and February, with December and January being the highest in terms of visibility.

How do you get from Mt Fuji to Kyoto?

You can take a train from Fuji to Kyoto via Nagoya, Kyoto, and Kyoto in around 2h 21m. Alternatively, JR Bus Kanto operates a bus from Tomei Fuji to Kyoto Station Karasumaguchi twice daily. Tickets cost ¥3000 – ¥7500 and the journey takes 5h 1m. Fujikyuko Express Bus also services this route once daily.