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How long has Nica surf been in Nicaragua?

Nica Surf has been operating in Nicaragua since 2002. We were the very first Surf Camp in Nicaragua. Dale Dagger Surf Lodge… The Original Nicaragua Surf Camp. With nearly 2o years of experience, we’ve been surfing Nicaragua longer than any other operation in the country.

Where are the best surfing beaches in Nicaragua?

Playa Hermosa Known for its 7km stretch of black sand, Playa Hermosa is one of the most popular surfing beaches for beginners in Nicaragua. You can find it 25 minutes south of San Juan del Sur.

Are there any surfing spots in Central America?

Central America may not be as famous as other world destinations that are known for their surfing, but its reputation is growing. There are good reasons why surfers are travelling to Nicaragua in greater numbers than ever before, starting with these amazing surf spots.

How much does it cost to hire a surfboard in Nicaragua?

In general, hiring a surfboard in Nicaragua is going to cost around $10-$20 a day, depending on the board and where you get it from. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is pretty affordable, and it’s just another great reason to think about surfing Nicaragua.

Are there any world class waves in Nicaragua?

Costa has a half-dozen world-class waves within its borders, as does El Salvador. The southwestern coast of Nicaragua has some epic beachbreaks, a few good reefbreaks, a couple fickle pointbreaks, and one heaving outer-reef slab, but nothing that matches Pavones or La Libertad for sheer perfection.

Who are some famous people that surfed in Nicaragua?

Urros and buddy Carlos Deshon camped on the beach through the ’80s, surfing Popoyo and even tackling the Outer Reef a few times. Other Nicaragua surf travelers in the ’80s included kneeboarder George Greenough and the intrepid Naughton and Peterson.