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How long does reach the beach take?

Reach The Beach consists of 12-person standard teams and 6-person ultra teams that will rotate through 36 transition areas as they cover the approximate 200-mile course. Each relay team member will run 3 legs (6 legs for ultras) of varying lengths and difficulty, and will cover an average total distance of about16.

How long is Ragnar reach the beach?

Ragnar Sprint Reach the Beach — 1 day, 6 runners, 12 legs, 55-ish miles, all the fun of RTB.

Where does Reach the Beach start?

Bretton Woods
The Reach the Beach Relay is a long distance relay race that is run through the picturesque hills and valleys of New Hampshire at the start of foliage season. It starts from Bretton Woods and ends at Hampton Beach.

Does Ragnar reach the West?

Ragnar Lothbrok branches out towards the west Luckily for Ragnar, he meets a wanderer who gives him a way to travel west – with the means of a sunboard and a sunstone. Ragnar and a few men decide to take the gamble and sail west to new lands.

What do you eat at Ragnar?

Here are Holly’s tips to navigate your nutrition during a Ragnar:

  • Bring familiar foods with you.
  • Eat something about 2-3 hours before you run.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Take some coolers.
  • Eat a combination of carbs, protein and fats.
  • Don’t OD on the fiber.
  • Eat something after you run.

How do I prepare for Ragnar?

The best way to prepare for this is to practice running two times in one day and then again the next morning, at least a few times before race day. I suggest you mix this in with your regular run training but no more than every two to three weeks.

How much does Ragnar cost?

Registration – Around $120/person – Sign up early to save! Ragnar Vehicle – (If you can’t borrow one expect to pay around $50/ person) Fuel – Around $20/ person. Food – Around $30/ person.

What time does Ragnar race start?

Start times are assigned based on the teams average 10k road pace and can range anywhere from 5:00am-1:00pm depending on how many teams are registered and how fast your team runs.

How many miles do you run in a Ragnar race?

Ragnar is about doing something together you could never do alone. Teams of up to 12 run the 200-ish miles relay style from the start to end. The race is divided into 36 sections (called legs). You’ll tag team it.