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How long does probate take in Hillsborough County?

There are two main types of probate in Florida: a formal probate administration and a summary probate administration. There is also a disposition without administration that is available in very limited circumstances. The formal probate administration usually takes 6-9 months under most circumstances – start to finish.

Are probate records public in Florida?

Most probate documents are public records. However, inventories and accountings filed in estates are confidential and may be viewed only by the personal representative, the personal representative’s attorney or an “interested party,” as defined in the Florida probate laws.

How do I find the executor of a trust?

You may need a court case number for the probate estate, but many courts have searchable databases where you can enter the deceased’s name and find the number. You then can request a copy of the will, as well as all other documents that have been filed with the court on behalf of the estate.

Are Hillsborough courts open?

The Hillsborough County Courthouse has implemented changes to how it handles hearings as it opens from the COVID-19 shutdown. Your case may be rescheduled or heard remotely via Zoom or a similar video chat system.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate in Florida?

Summary Administration – This form of probate is available when the total value of property/assets going through probate court is valued at $75,000 or less. Summary Administration may also be used when it involves a death that occurred over two years ago (i.e a missing person recently declared dead).

What is the average wait for probate?

Typically, after death, the process will take between 6 months to a year, with 9 months being the average time for probate to complete. Probate timescales will depend on the complexity and size of the estate.

How long do you have to file probate after death in Florida?

Even with formal administration, most estates are resolved within 18 months. However, all claims against an estate must be filed within 2 years of the person’s death.

How much does a probate lawyer cost in Florida?

The following calculations indicate the fees that the court feels are reasonable and that you will likely pay in a Florida probate case: $1,500 for estates worth $40,000 or less. $2,500 for estates between $40,000 and $70,000. $3,000 for estates between $70,000 and $100,000.

Can an executor override a beneficiary?

Yes, an executor can override a beneficiary’s wishes as long as they are following the will or, alternative, any court orders. Executors have a fiduciary duty to the estate beneficiaries requiring them to distribute estate assets as stated in the will.

Which county should I file probate paperwork in?

Probate is generally filed in the Circuit Court in the decedent’s county of residence. It may also be in the county where he or she owned real property or real estate. For property in multiple states, administrations may also need to take place in those states.

What is a probate court clerk?

The Clerk of Superior Court serves as the Probate Court, and handles all probate matters. The purpose of probate is to distribute a person’s estate after death. When a person dies, whether with a Will or without one, that person’s assets and property must first be used to pay off debts.

What is probate in New Hampshire?

Probate Process In New Hampshire. The New Hampshire probate process serves a vital purpose. When a resident of New Hampshire dies, the New Hampshire probate courts oversee the distribution of all assets and belongings left behind. They first appoint a representative to be in charge of the estate, collect and itemize all assets and monetary accounts,…