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How long can data be kept on HPE LTO storage media?

HPE brand qualification test procedures (load/unload, shoeshine, drop testing and environmental stress testing) go far beyond what is required for the LTO Ultrium logo. This ensures maximum reliability for restoring your data. HPE warrants LTO Ultrium cartridges for up to 30 years archival life.

What is HPE tape?

The HPE T950 Tape Library combines field-proven reliability with storage innovation and gives you access to a full suite of enterprise storage capabilities. Storage can expand up to 120 drives and 10,020 LTO slots (7,614 enterprise slots) in eight frames.

What is LTO tape used for?

LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tape is an open-format tape storage technology created by Hewlett-Packard (HP), International Business Machines (IBM) and Seagate Technology. The term open format means users have access to multiple sources of storage media products that are compatible.

What is standalone tape drive?

Online Help. Overview. A stand-alone library is a one-drive storage unit with no media storage capability, no media changer, and no barcode reader. Note: As stand-alone drives do not have the facility to store used media, it is your responsibility to label and store all used media in a secure and accessible location.

How does LTO tape work?

The LTO cartridge has a single reel of tape. When in the tape drive, the tape gets wound into the drive to the take-up reel. Tape length started with 600m and is now at 960m per cartridge. Capacity usually doubles from one generation to the next and now is at 12TB native.

Are tape drives still used?

Even though its role as the main backup medium has largely been taken over by disk and cloud storage, tape backup is still actively used in modern data centers. Tape has successfully evolved from being the main backup medium to providing long-term storage of large data volumes as well as data archiving.

Can you reuse backup tapes?

You can use tapes, some sort of writable CD or DVD, flash drives, or external hard drives. You can even back up to the hard drive of another computer over a LAN or the Internet. In the “olden” days, people even used diskettes. Whatever media you use, most people reuse them.

Is the HPE storeever LTO-7 Ultrium type M Media?

Support LTO-7 Type M media. HPE StoreEver LTO Ultrium Tape Drives provide up to 30 TB 1 of compressed capacity on a single cartridge. HPE StoreOpen Standalone and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) allows customers to store data in an open format making the tape self-describing and file-based.

What kind of tape media does LTO-8 support?

LTO-8 tape, like LTO-7, supports LTFS, WORM (Write Once Read Many) and AES 256-bit hardware encryption. HP LTO-8 Ultrium Data Cartridge 12TB Native/ 30TB Compressed HPE LTO-8 Part# Q2078A Contact for all your HPE LTO-8 Tape Media needs, ask for an HP LTO-8 quote today Part# Q2078A.

Is the HP storeever LTO-6 tape library in stock?

HP C0H18A StoreEver 1/8 G2 Ultrium 6250 LTO-6 8-Slot SAS 1U Rackmount LTO Tape Autoloader. The HP StoreEver LTO-6 Tape library is in stock at call your rep today at 866 801 2944 for all your HP LTO Tape library needs like the C0H18A

Why do you need Linear Tape for HPE storeopen?

HPE StoreOpen and Linear Tape File System makes using tape as easy, flexible, portable and intuitive as using other removable and shareable media, such as a USB drive. Also, because LTO cartridges at rest require minimal additional power and cooling, they offer a greener, more sustainable long term archival solution for your data.