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How is s pass levy calculated?

The daily levy rate is calculated as follows: (Monthly levy rate x 12) / 365 = rounding up to the nearest cent.

Can s pass downgrade to Work Permit?

If the wages of the S Pass holders need to be adjusted downwards beyond the temporary period, employers should consider downgrading their S Pass holders to Work Permit status, or turn to alternative sources of manpower.

Does Employment Pass pay levy?

No foreign worker levy or quota required. Employers can choose whether to provide medical insurance for EP holders. Access online services and forms for Employment Pass.

How much is foreign worker levy?

Foreign Worker Levy For S Pass Holders 10% of the company’s total workforce in the services sector. 20% in the manufacturing sector. 18% in all other sectors.

What does S PASS stands for?

Employment Pass
Here, S pass stands for the Short-Term Employment Pass and E Pass refers to the Employment Pass. Anyone who is high-skilled or semi-skilled individual and who were already under the work permit or whose employment pass has been rejected due to different reasons may also apply for this short-term pass.

What is the benefit of S Pass?

Medical Insurance, Quota & Levy Employment Pass holders can receive medical insurance as well, but this is up to their employers. Moreover, the number of S Pass holders an employer can hire is capped at 18% of the company’s total workforce in all non-service and non-manufacturing sectors.

Can S Pass holder change employer?

S Pass holders will need to get their prospective employer to apply for a new S Pass. There is no need to cancel the existing pass before doing so. Each application will be considered based on the merits of the case.

Who should pay foreign workers levy?

You are limited by a quota for your industry and must pay the monthly foreign worker levy for each Work Permit holder you employ.

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