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How fast will a 15 hp Mercury go?

I clocked my setup with gps at 28 mph with me and my gear. Me and just the boat it will hit 32 mph on glass days. 2 guys and gear takes it down to about 20 to 22 mph.

Who makes Mercury 15hp outboard?


WEIGHT 135.0 lb

What was the last year Mercury made a 2 stroke outboard?

Mercury actually quit building all of its traditional two-strokes, from 2.5 hp to 200 hp, following the 2005 model year.

How heavy is a Mercury 15hp outboard?

Specifications – 15 EFI

HP / kW 15 / 11.1
Steering Remote Tiller
Shaft length 20″ / 508 mm 25″ / 635 mm
Gearcase ratio 2.15:1
Dry weight *Lightest model available 122 lbs / 56 kg

What kind of motor does a Mercury outboard have?

With the Mercury 15 HP outboard engine find Mercury’s multi-function tiller handle, easy auto-ratchet tilt, and vibration-absorbing wishbone mounts are just a few of the exclusive features found on Mercury 15hp models. The 15 HP Mercury outboard motor is available with 15 inch, 20 inch or 25 inch shafts and choose between electric or manual start..

How much does a Mercury 15 hp outboard cost?

2021 Mercury 15 HP EFI 15EXLHPT-CT-PK. 15hp Horsepower. 135.0 lb Weight. 25″ (Extra Long) Shaft Length. $3,635.00 MSRP:$4,210.00.

Which is the first 15 hp outboard motor?

This is the world’s first 15 hp outboard motor designed with Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection. The Suzuki EFI system operates Battery-Less, which is an industry first in this horse-power class.

What makes a Mercury Twostroke outboard so good?

Mercury® TwoStroke Outboards Mercury’s proven TwoStroke engines deliver easy starting, gutsy performance, and great all-round reliability. Across the range you’ll find an array of features that help keep your boating experiences more enjoyable and trouble-free.