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How does Aaron Rodgers compare to Brett Favre?

While Favre has all of the Packers’ all-time passing records, Rodgers has the better efficiency stats. Rodgers is the all-time quarterback rating leader, and has the top two single-season ratings, in 2011 and 2020. Favre’s best passer rating in a season for the Packers was 99.5, in 1995.

Is Aaron Rodgers a better quarterback than Brett Favre?

Rodgers has a more cool, calm demeanor, but isn’t necessarily the biggest leader on his own team. Favre is more intense, but had fun with what he did and the team knew that their quarterback was going to control the team. Another key factor in this is toughness. Rodgers is tough.

Who has more passing yards Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

Career Passing Yardage (Regular Season) Brett Favre threw for 61,655 yards in his 16-year career with Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers has thrown for 21,661 yards to date. He has averaged just over 4,266 yards a season as the staring quarterback for the Packers.

How does Brett Favre feel about Aaron Rodgers?

Brett Favre doesn’t see the Aaron Rodgers situation playing out well for the Packers. “That’s just my gut,” Favre said. “There’s no reason for me to say that other than that’s what my gut is telling me, and I think you guys know Aaron fairly well enough to sort of feel the same way.”

Do Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers get along?

‘” recounted Favre, who lives in Mississippi in retirement but has become close friends with Rodgers in recent years.

Is Aaron Rodgers done in Green Bay?

Aaron Rodgers closing in on reworked contract with Green Bay Packers as part of 2021 return. One of the biggest mysteries of the NFL offseason just gained a little bit of clarity. Under terms of the agreement, according to ESPN, the final year of Rodgers’ existing contract would be voided, leaving only two remaining.

Who is the better quarterback Rodgers or Brady?

The above stats of Brady vs Rodgers show that Brady has a more successful playing time. He throws more yards, wins more games, and leads in two fourth-quarter comebacks. Aaron Rodgers’ advantage lies in his precise ball play. The Green Bay Packers QB has fewer interceptions and more touchdowns.

How many years was Aaron Rodgers behind Favre?

three seasons
After the 2007 season, Brett Favre said he was going to retire, and Rodgers, who had been sitting behind Favre for three seasons, was finally going to lead the team for 2008.

What records does Brett Favre hold?

Favre, an NFL ironman who played in a record 299 consecutive games, posted totals of 6,300 completions, 10,169 attempts, 71,838 yards, and 508 touchdowns in his 302-game NFL career.

Did Aaron Rodgers take over from Brett Favre?

Aaron Rodgers Is New QB in Green Bay—Packers Replacing Legend Brett Favre. What a season for the Green Bay Packers last season.

Are Favre and Rodgers friends?

What’s going on? ‘” recounted Favre, who lives in Mississippi in retirement but has become close friends with Rodgers in recent years.