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How does a Mecanum wheel work?

Ilon’s Mecanum wheel is based on the principle of a central wheel with a number of rollers placed at an angle around the periphery of the wheel. The angled peripheral rollers translate a portion of the force in the rotational direction of the wheel to a force normal to the wheel direction.

Do Mecanum wheels slip?

Mecanum-wheel vehicles have a tendency of slippage, and the slippage was attributed by researchers to friction between the roller and the road. However, the friction alone cannot explain why the forward/backward and turning on the spot experience no problems, while slippage in sideways directions are noticeable.

Are Mecanum wheels Omni wheels?

The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel design for a land-based vehicle to move in any direction.

What are Mecanum wheels made of?

The standard AndyMark Mecanum Wheel is made out of Steel which has high strength/weight ratio and relatively good fatigue strength, however, not cost effective.

What is the geometry of the Mecanum wheel?

A Mecanum wheel consists of a set of rolls arranged around the wheel axis. In this paper we describe in detail the geometry of these rolls. We derive simple canonical parameterizations of the roll generating curve and the roll surface itself.

Why do you need Mecanum wheels on a robot?

With the mecanum wheels you and now use this code. 6 Appendix A The reason that Mecanum wheels must be placed on a robot in the right way is because they are not like normal wheels.

How do you strafe with a Mecanum wheel?

The way we achieve strafing with mecanum wheels is by having all of the arrows face to the left. So, for this we would have to reverse the left-front wheel and the right-rear wheel.

Where to place retainer clip on Mecanum wheel?

Place the Retainer Clip, 8mm id (am-0033) over the exposed area of the shaft. This might be difficult to place on. One way to accomplish this is by placing the clip on the end of a socket, placing that over the end of the shaft, and hammering the socket. It should only take one well placed hit to clip it on.