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How do you use USN fast grow anabolic effectively?

As a nutritional supplement, add 3 scoops to 600-650ml of cold water. Use a blender or hand held shaker for about 30 seconds. Have 1 to 2 servings daily as snacks in-between meals. Ideally between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner.

How do you drink anabolic fast grow?

USN FAST GROW ANABOLIC is a convenient, tasty meal replacement shake available in a variety of flavours and perfect for any time of day or night. Directions for use: – As a dietary supplement, add 3 rounded 50g scoops to 525ml of cold water. Use a blender or hand-held shaker for about 30 seconds.

How does USN Anabolic work?

B Vitamins – USN MFA is fortified with B6 and B12. These help with normal metabolism of protein and glycogen and supporting immune function. HMB – is thought to supress the rate of protein degradation, therefore potentially useful if you are taking Muscle Fuel Anabolic to build muscle mass.

What does Fast Grow Anabolic do?

Fast Grow Anabolic is an advanced formulation, high protein supplement with an outstanding amino ratio to aid lean muscle building. The addition of Taurine and Tribulus Terrestris contributes to boosted power and strength. The 2-stage Glyco-Matrix Carb System is designed to boost muscle glycogen storage.

When should I drink anabolic?

Many people believe drinking a protein shake within 30 minutes of exercise will maximize their results in the gym. This 30-minute window, commonly known as the “anabolic window,” is a short period of time during which your muscles are like a sponge for protein.

Does anabolic protein make you fat?

The truth is, protein alone – or any other specific type of macronutrient including fats and carbs – will not make you become overweight. You only gain weight by consuming more calories than you burn. In the context of gaining weight, it doesn’t matter what you consume to create a caloric surplus.

When should I take aminos fast growth?

Fast Grow Amino’s are formulated to enhance performance and endurance and can be used daily.

  1. Adults: Take 2 to 4 tablets 1 to 2 times daily, preferably before training, after training and before bedtime.
  2. For general supplementation, take in-between meals.