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How do you use GoWiPe?

If you use this strategy for war attacks, change the number of Wall Breakers according to the walls if needed. You must make a path to the enemy’s Town Hall/find shortest path with less walls. Use Wall Breakers to destroy first layer of walls so Golems can go in….GoWiPe.

By: Saeedbs
Town Hall Level: 8-9
Trophy Level: 1800-2600

Is the lava hound good?

Lava Hound is a good air tank with high hitpoints, so it is best used as a shield for air troops with higher damage and less hitpoints like Minions, Mega Minion and the Inferno Dragon. The Lava Hound can also tank for the said units, then they return the favor by tanking for its pups.

What’s the best strategy to use with TH9?

Lavaloonion is the strategy you should use if you want to dominate other players with TH9. This strategy is also known as Galadon’s Quatro Lavaloonion. Overkills TH8, mostly 100%s TH9. Great for clan wars.

How many balloons are in a lavaloonion Army?

LavaLoonion Army Composition. LavaLoonion is a very fluid composition, which means that the number of balloons and minions can vary in a very wide range of units. I have seen 3 star attacks be pulled off with as little as 12 balloons or as many as 28.

How to attack lavaloon in Clash of clasn-3?

LavaLoon attacking consists of these 3-4 steps: 1 Choose the correct side to start attack 2 Send in your LavaHounds 3 Send in the Balloons (and Minions if you brought some) and use your Rage/Haste and Poision Spells 4 Clean Up More

Why are lava hounds so important in lavaloonion?

Obviously with the strategy name “LavaLoonion”, your lava hounds are extremely important to the success of the war attack. Since you have 4 hounds, you can put 2 on each air defense, basically ensuring that all will eventually go down, spawning lava pups!