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How do you solve the puzzle in splinter group?

How to: Splinter Group mission puzzle….once they are to get all of them to be green, use the switches in this order:

  1. pull the lever until the lights are 10100.
  2. push the switch on the television twice.
  3. use the valve on the pipe twice.

How do you get buzzed in splinter group?

The walk through the sewers ends at an intercom, which can be activated to get buzzed in. The pizza is then left on a table in the centre of a room, and once it is placed the Splinter Group will spawn.

Where is the splinter group hideout?


  1. First speak to Patricia Tannis at the crimson raiders HQ to activate the mission.
  2. Next go to Moxxi’s bar in the Southeast corner of Sanctuary.
  3. Pick up the pizza to use as bait later.
  4. Go to the hideout in the sewers of the Bloodshot Stronghold.
  5. Activate the intercom.
  6. Deliver the pizza to summon the enemies.

How do you open the electric gate in Bloodshot Stronghold?

At the most northern point of the map, there is a Dahl loot box kept behind an electric gate. To get inside this room, the switch must first be turned off. Find the wire leading to the gate and follow it to the switch.

Does flinter drop a legendary?

Flinter has an increased chance to drop the Legendary Grenade Mod Rolling Thunder.

When do you get splinter group in Borderlands 2?

Splinter Group is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Patricia Tannis. It becomes available after A Dam Fine Rescue is complete.

How to do the splinter group mission puzzle?

In the mission “Splinter Group” you get to a room free of enemies after you go through a pipe, and it has buttons and levers you can use. to get an extra boss (or a required boss to kill, dunno, was too intrigued with the puzzle) you need to light up all 5 lights on a wall using 4 buttons/switches.

Where do you get pizza in splinter group?

The mission is started by talking to Tannis, who speaks of a group of bandits who became mutated. The first step in the mission is to retrieve the pizza from Moxxi’s Bar. Once obtained, the pizza is then taken to Bloodshot Stronghold. After two rooms is a room with two bridges and a short drop down into some water channels around the edges.

Where do you find splinter in GameFAQs QQS?

If you can get all but the 3rd one green then a fiddle with the 2 nearest switches should see you good. Splinter appears by the front right switch. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.