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How do you say you can use Microsoft Office on resume?

Key TakeawayFollow the master list of all Microsoft Office skills to get started. Pick the skills that are relevant to your future position.Prove your skills in your job description. If you’re not proficient in MS Office, don’t say that on your resume. Consider getting Microsoft Office certified.

How do you talk about customer service on a resume?

Here are the top skills you should incorporate into your customer service skills resume:Communication. Technical. Interpersonal. Problem Solving. Patience. Knowledge of Product or Service. Time Management. Empathy.

What are the best skills to learn in 2020?

List of skills to learn in 20.Complex problem solving.Critical thinking and analysis.Creativity, innovation, ideation, originality, and initiative.People management.Coordinating with others.Emotional intelligence.Judgment, reasoning, analytical thinking, and decision making.Service orientation.