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How do you remove a node at the end of a circular linked list?


  1. Take two pointers current and previous and traverse the list.
  2. Keep the pointer current fixed pointing to the first node and move previous until it reaches the last node.
  3. Once, the pointer previous reaches the last node, do the following: previous->next = current-> next. head = previous -> next;

How do you delete an element from a circular doubly linked list?


  1. Step 1: IF HEAD = NULL.
  2. Step 2: SET TEMP = HEAD.
  3. Step 3: Repeat Step 4 while TEMP -> NEXT != HEAD.
  4. Step 4: SET TEMP = TEMP -> NEXT.
  5. Step 5: SET TEMP -> NEXT = HEAD -> NEXT.
  6. Step 6: SET HEAD -> NEXT -> PREV = TEMP.
  7. Step 7: FREE HEAD.
  8. Step 8: SET HEAD = TEMP -> NEXT.

What are the different circular link list algorithms?

Insertion − Inserts an element at specified positions in the list. Deletion − Deletes the specified element from the list. Search − Searches an element using the given value. Update − Update an element in the list with the given value.

How do you delete a last node in doubly circular linked list?

Make the next pointer of previous node of temp, point to the head node of the list. make the previous pointer of the head node, point to the previous node of temp. Now, free the temp pointer to free the memory taken by the node. in this way, the last node of the list is deleted.

How do you delete a whole circular linked list?

Yes, just walk the chain and delete them one-by-one. And remember where you started.

What is circular doubly linked list?

Circular doubly linked list is a more complexed type of data structure in which a node contain pointers to its previous node as well as the next node. Circular doubly linked list doesn’t contain NULL in any of the node. The last node of the list contains the address of the first node of the list.

What is the time complexity of deleting the last node in doubly circular linked list?

In order to delete a node and connect the previous and the next node together, you need to know their pointers. In a doubly-linked list, both pointers are available in the node that is to be deleted. The time complexity is constant in this case, i.e., O(1).

Which of the following scheduling algorithms use circular linked list?

Use a circular singly linked list to implement Round Robin process scheduling algorithm in which each process is provided a fixed time (quantum) to execute and is pre-empted after that time period to allow the other process to execute.

How many addresss are there in singly circular linked list?

Answer: As in singly linked list, each node in circular linked list consists of two parts. The first part can be said as information or data part and the second part is called link field which contains address of next node in the list or is null. Following is a node structure.

What is deletion in linked list?

Deletion in singly linked list at the end. There are two scenarios in which, a node is deleted from the end of the linked list. There is only one node in the list and that needs to be deleted. There are more than one node in the list and the last node of the list will be deleted.

How insertion and deletion is done in linked list?

Basic Operations

  1. Insertion − Adds an element at the beginning of the list.
  2. Deletion − Deletes an element at the beginning of the list.
  3. Display − Displays the complete list.
  4. Search − Searches an element using the given key.
  5. Delete − Deletes an element using the given key.

How to delete circular linked list in C + +?

Deletion from end in circular linked list in C++ is one of the deletion operation that we can perform on the circular sequenced list. The other deletion operations that we can perform are:- Deletion from beginning i.e. to delete the head node of the list. Deletion from any specific position i.e. to delete any node from the list.

How to delete a node from a singly linked list?

Make the node pointed by the next of the last node, the new head of the list. In this way, the node will be deleted from the circular singly linked list from the beginning. printf (“1.Append List 2.Delete Node from beginning 3.Exit 4.Enter your choice?”);

Which is an operation of a circular linked list?

Following are the important operations supported by a circular list. insert − Inserts an element at the start of the list. delete − Deletes an element from the start of the list. display − Displays the list. Following code demonstrates the insertion operation in a circular linked list based on single linked list.

How to keep track of nodes in a linked list?

Note: 0-based indexing is considered for the list. First, find the length of the list. That is, the number of nodes in the list. Take two pointers previous and current to traverse the list. Such that previous is one position behind the current node. Take a variable count initialized to 0 to keep track of the number of nodes traversed.