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How do you put quotation marks in VBA?

Strings in VBA are delimited with quotation marks. If you want to include quotation marks in your string, you need to double them. Otherwise, the VBA compiler will not recognize that they should not end the string. aStringVariable = “The word “”quotes”” is in quotes.”

What is the character code for double quote?


Character(s) Literal(s) Unicode value(s)
Double quotes 9 “ ” “ ”;
Double low quote 11
Single & double daggers † ‡ † ‡

What characters are used to open a quotation?

Double quotation marks are used for direct quotations and titles of compositions such as books, plays, movies, songs, lectures and TV shows. They also can be used to indicate irony and introduce an unfamiliar term or nickname. Single quotation marks are used for a quote within a quote.

How do you put quotation marks in a string?

Within a character string, to represent a single quotation mark or apostrophe, use two single quotation marks. (In other words, a single quotation mark is the escape character for a single quotation mark.) A double quotation mark does not need an escape character.

What is CHR 34 in VBA?

CHR is the VBA function and returns the character from the ASCII table. For example, Chr(34) returns 34th character, which is the “ sign (double quotes).

What is the Ascii code for 123?

ASCII characters from 33 to 126

ASCII code Character
114 r lowercase r
117 u lowercase u
120 x lowercase x
123 { left curly brace

What is the HTML code for quotation marks?

HTML code for quotes

Sign Name code Description
“; Quotation mark
Single quote

Which is the character reference for a quotation mark?



What is the example of quotation mark?

Quotation marks inside quotation marks For example: She said, “I read the chapter ‘The Tall Tree’ yesterday.” British English varies on this, but in many cases the double quotation marks are inside and the single quotation marks are outside. For example: She said, ‘I read the chapter “The Tall Tree” yesterday.

How do you put quotation marks in printf?

printf(“this is a \”quoted string\””); Also you can use ‘\’ to input special symbols like “\n”, “\t”, “\a”, to input ‘\’ itself: “\\” and so on. This one also works: printf(“%c\n”, printf(“Here, I print some double quotes: “));

How to insert a quotation mark in Visual Basic?

Insert the ASCII or Unicode character for a quotation mark. In Visual Basic, use the ASCII character (34). In Visual C#, use the Unicode character (u0022).

Can a string variable be represented by a quotation mark?

String Variables. Any literal that is assigned to a String variable must be enclosed in quotation marks (“”). This means that a quotation mark within a string cannot be represented by a quotation mark. For example, the following code causes a compiler error:

How to create a string with double quotation marks?

You can create a string variable that represents double quotation marks, and concatenate this variable into the criteria argument along with the value of the variable. The ANSI representation for double quotation marks is Chr$ (34); you could assign this value to a string variable called strQuote.

When to use type characters in Visual Basic?

Visual Basic supplies a set of identifier type characters that you can use in a declaration to specify the data type of a variable or constant.