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How do you open the locked door in Aldias keep?

The key is dropped by the bone dragon at the entrance to Aldia’s Keep. You need to ignite the four braziers in the area, which will spawn four invaders. After that, returning to the entrance will trigger the dragon’s animation.

How do you open the door in Black Gulch?

Dropped by the two Elite Giants in Black Gulch. From the first bonfire walk downwards, until the first worm attacks you from the wall. At this point walk off the cliff on the right side. You will land on a ledge with a door, which you will be able to open as soon as you have the Forgotten Key.

Where is the blacksmith key in ds2?

The key is found in the Forest of Fallen Giants at the Bonfire in the Cardinal tower. Once you arrive there is an old women selling various items and one of them if the key to the blacksmith’s shop. It will cost you 1000 souls and once you have it return to Majula and open the door for the blacksmith.

Where do I use the Dragon Talon in Dark Souls 2?

Use. Opens the door leading to Shulva, Sanctum City in Black Gulch, behind the Rotten’s Primal Bonfire.

How do you get to the Shrine of Amana?

The easiest way to start the area is set off down the tower, and snipe out of the broken wall section. From here you can hit the Archdrake Pilgrims, and most of the Amana Aberrations hiding underwater. After that, take the door that leads to a dead-end path off in the other direction.

What does the forgotten key open?

The Forgotten Key is used to open three (3) Forgotten Doors: Majula’s Deep Pit – leads to Great Lightning Spear, Soul Vortex, Witchtree Bellvine, and Witchtree Branch. In Scholar of the First Sin, the Dragon Talon is also found here.

Where is Cale the cartographer?

Cale the Cartographer Information. First found in a cave in the Forest of Fallen Giants (down the ladder at the second bonfire and through the hole with the tree root you have to run up). Talk to him and he will give you the key to the locked mansion near the pit in Majula.