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How do you get Kongol Dragoon spirit?

Kongol is the only character able to obtain his Dragoon Spirit before the story dictates it. You can actually obtain it before Meru gets her spirit if you get it as soon as Kongol joins the party. When Kongol joins the party, go to Donau and talk to Mr. Pelpee in the bar to get the hint where to find his spirit.

How do you get the Divine Dragoon?

Divine Dragon is the next boss in Sekiro, found at the end of the game’s Fountainhead Palace area, following on from True Corrupted Monk in our walkthrough of the game’s bosses and mini-bosses. You’ll find the Divine Dragon just up the steps from the Sanctuary Idol in the Fountainhead Palace area.

How do you level up your Dragoon spirit?

Dragoon Levels are gained by acquiring SP, and it will continue to accumulate, for the purposes of gaining D’Levels, even when the Spirit bar is full. Addition levels are gained by completing the Additions correctly, a minimum of 80 successful uses are needed to master each..

How many Dragoon levels are there?

A Dragoon is the chosen vessel of the essence of a Dragon’s soul: a Dragoon Spirit. The being of its choice becomes a Dragoon. Dragoon Spirits take form in a crystallized colored stone. There are only eight in existence – specifically, seven original spirits and one new spirit.

Where can I buy Ultimate Wargod?


Name Price Location
Ultimate Wargod 10,000 Lohan, Phantom Ship
Violet Stone Kanzas
Wargod’s Amulet Marshlands, Urobolus
Wargod Calling 1,000 Fletz, Lohan, Rouge, Kongol (Black Castle)

How do you get the sachet in Legend of Dragoon?

Sachets are found in various parts of the game and are a rare drop from Piggies in the Home of Gigantos….Defeating Unique Monsters

  1. Magic Signet Stone.
  2. Unless Miranda, use Speed down on enemy (this doubles the Magic Signet Stone duration)
  3. Unless Miranda, use Speed up on Miranda.

Does ultimate Wargod level additions?

The Wargod Calling makes an addition complete but does half damage, gives half SP and does not add to the use counter or increase Addition Level. The Ultimate Wargod is much more expensive, but does full damage, gives full SP and does add to the use counter meaning it is completely successful.

What does sachet do in Legend of Dragoon?

Sachet is a rare item that appears in Legend of Dragoon. The effect describes that it “gives a subtle good aroma” and is able to put some monsters to sleep but in others is able to kill the monster instantly.

How do you put Jiango to sleep?

The Sachet you find in his chamber will put Jiango to Sleep. If you decide to use it on Jiango, don’t attack with Additions or Dragoon additions. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Jiango’s Zzz animations will continue despite being hit by magic, which is unusually powerful against a boss.

Are dragoons any good?

Dragoon is extremely fun, always in demand at end game raiding, and one of the highest DPS outputting classes in the game. It’s actually really good.

Who is Kongol in the legend of Dragoon?

As a Giganto, Kongol doesn’t posses a high level of intelligence. However, he is extremely loyal to someone that cares about him and will do anything to protect them. His loyalty is easily seen toward Emperor Doel and Dart, which means Kongol is a man who knows to repay others’ kindness. He is also serious yet fierce in the battlefield.

What is the essence of a Dragoon Spirit?

A Dragoon Spirit (ドラグーンスピリット, Doragūn Supiritto) is the essence of a Dragon that emanates its power from a crystallized colored stone. It allows a being of its choice to become a Dragoon.

What do Kongol’s Dragoon wings look like?

While in this form, the accents of his Dragoon armor are capri blue and his Dragoon wings appear as light purple, light green and gold with black metallic outlines. As a Giganto, Kongol doesn’t posses a high level of intelligence. However, he is extremely loyal to someone that cares about him and will do anything to protect them.

Who are the Dragoons in the legend of Dragoon?

Although Lloyd obtained from the Divine Dragon the Divine Spirit Stone, it did not react to him, as he had expected, and himself said at the time. Despite the fact that the Wingly race was enemy to the dragoons’ cause during the Dragon Campaign, Winglies Lenus and Meru were chosen to be Dragoons.