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How do you get free FlowJo?

Go to FlowJo Portal. Click the Create Account link to create a free account. Click the SeqGeq Free Trial button, then fill out the form. On the Account page, click the Download SeqGeq button.

How much does FlowJo cost?

An individual copy of FlowJo is normally $2695.00 with the academic discount; the site license brings that cost down to $283/year for each license that can be used on up to 4 different computers (one at a time) or licensed on a shared computer that multiple users can login with their own Portal account to access FlowJo …

How much does FlowJo dongle cost?

If you start with a serial number and your lab expands with more computers you can convert a serial number into a dongle for a small fee of $300 plus shipping.

What is FlowJo v10?

Welcome to FlowJo, a software application with an integrated environment for viewing and analyzing flow cytometric data. Our web manual is a search-able set of pages which explains the many features and functions in FlowJo. …

What does a flow cytometer do?

Flow cytometry is a technology that rapidly analyzes single cells or particles as they flow past single or multiple lasers while suspended in a buffered salt-based solution. Each particle is analyzed for visible light scatter and one or multiple fluorescence parameters.

What is the main purpose of the flow cell?

The flow cell (also called the flow chamber) allows the cells (particles) within the samples to line up single file. This is a critical step for single-cell analysis.

How to get a free trial of FlowJo?

30-Day Free Trial. Download and install the latest version of FlowJo. Get your computer’s hardware ID (instructions here). Fill out the form below using your hardware ID. You will be emailed a temporary serial number to put into the software.

Is there a new version of FlowJo V9?

FlowJo v9 will continue to authenticate with serial numbers and dongles. It’s expected that macOS 10.15 Catalina will not support 32-bit applications and Apple computers that upgrade to Catalina—projected to be released Fall 2019—will no longer run FlowJo v9.

How to get a 30 day FlowJo serial number?

Please fill in the fields to receive a 30 day FlowJo serial number. Number (good for 30 days) which you can paste into Flowjo. hardware address that has been registered with this form.

How can I upgrade my FlowJo portal license?

Upgrade to a FlowJo Portal license: Contact Sales or click here for more info. If you are unsure of which version your dongle allows access to, call 1-541-201-0022 or email [email protected] for license support. If your dongle is in good working condition, we can upgrade it electronically.