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How do you get a wildland red card?

“How do I get my Red Card?”

  1. a minimum 32 hours of training (S-130/190 Basic Firefighting and Wildland Fire Behavior)
  2. demonstration of physical fitness at the “arduous” level, by completion of the Pack Test — walking 3 miles in 45 minutes or less carrying a 45 pound pack.
  3. an employing agency to certify the individual.

What is the Wildland Fire learning portal?

The NWCG Wildland Fire Learning Portal (WFLP) is a learning management system intended to enable training providers and users to manage and track training information. FireNet is a web environment with the security of a . gov site that enables NWCG partners to meet business needs for collaboration.

What are three facets affected by cultural differences?

Because the three different facets of a given response – “situation,” “people in the situation,” and “what are they doing” – were all part of the instantiation, they were analyzed together.

How long is the S 130 course?

This blended course includes an online component (estimate 22 hours) and a instructor-led component (required field exercise that may be arduous in nature).

How do you get FFT1?

Satisfactory position performance as an Advanced Firefighter/Squad Boss (FFT1) on a wildland fire incident. Any higher position for which this position is a prerequisite. A person must have at least one qualifying assignment every five (5) years to maintain a current certification in a position.

What is FireNet?

FireNet Administrative Forms FireNet is a web environment with the security of a . gov site. FireNet enables NWCG partners to meet their business needs for collaboration.

How can we protect hoses and fittings after suppression activities?

Identify THREE measures to follow to protect hoses and fittings after suppression activities. Drain water from hose. Replace protective caps on accessories and hose ends. Roll hose.

What are the three primary types of safety Zones?

Identify THREE examples of safety zones:

  • Constructed areas.
  • Natural areas; &
  • The burn.

What are the instructions for firefighter training S-130?

Firefighter Training, S-130 Fire Exercise Day INSTRUCTIONS TO THE INSTRUCTOR Exercise set up and logistics: Instructors will have to establish conditions most nearly representing an actual fire situation for this exercise. Students will construct line and lay hose to contain the fire.

Is the L-180 course included in S-130?

L-180: Human Factors on the Fireline, is no longer included as part of this course. Students that successfully complete S-130: Firefighter Training will no longer be given credit for completing L-180: Human Factors on the Fireline. The L-180 course will now be presented as a standalone course.

What do you need to know about the S-130 field exercise?

Prior to taking the S-130 field exercise, students must satisfactorily complete the Work Capacity Test or physical fitness test as required by the sponsoring agency or organization. For more information on fitness requirements refer to the Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1 at

Is the S-130 available for field review in 2020?

The revised 2020 S-130 (instructor-led delivery) is available for use in field review. NWCG recommends use of this revised and improved course. Major changes for the 2020 S-130 revision include: