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How do you find the function module for Smartforms?

How to find Smart Forms function module name?

  1. Go transaction SMARTFORMS (SAP Smart Forms).
  2. Put form name in Form field i.e. “ZSAP_EXAMPLE_SMARTFORM“:
  3. Click on Display button:
  4. Choose Environment|Function Module Name from the top menu:
  5. In Information popup you will see Smart Forms function module:

How do you call a function module in Smartforms?

In the driver program use the FM : SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and pass the smartform name and it will give you the function module name. Call this function module dynamically to call the smartform output. Execute it.

How do I create a smartform driver program?

Passing data from driver program to Smartform interface

  1. Step1. Go to Tx- SMARTFORMS.
  2. Step2. Provide a smartform name and click on create button.
  3. Step3. Click on form interface.
  4. Step4. Click on tables Tab.
  5. Step5. Provides a name.
  6. Step6. Now click on Global Definitions and provide a structure LS.
  7. Step7.
  8. Step8.

How do I activate Smartforms?

In a SAP smart form, you can use Transaction: SMARTFORMS. On the first page, you have an option to select the Form, Style or Text Module as per the object you want to Create, Change or Display. Enter the name and select the type you want to create and click on the Create button and this will open SAP Form Builder.

What is the name of function module that returns the generated function module of a smartform?

To the first function module , we pass the name of the smart form as the import parameter. This then returns the name of the dynamically generated function module which will actually call the smartform. This will return the Function module name of the smartform which is referenced.

How do I get function module name in Adobe form?

1. Open the job for form processing using function module – FP_JOB_OPEN. 2. Call the function module to get the FP_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and pass the adobe form name to get the name of the function module generated for the adobe form.

How do I run a smartform in SAP?

Here the some steps you might want to try :

  1. Make the Driver program of type “Subroutine Pool”.
  2. Place whole code in a subroutine.
  3. Run the transaction “NACE”.
  4. Select the application as discussed with the Functional consl and click Output Types.
  5. Select the Output Type and double click on Processing routine.

How do I call a smartform from ALV report?

According to your req …….. if you want to display ………

  1. create a button in alv output.
  2. create chech box in alv output .
  3. when chek box are selected …… get it in an internal table and………..there pass this table into smartform.

What is driver program in smartform?

hi, A Driver program is A SAP report program used to call SAPscript or SMARTFORMS. You can pass various values from the program to FORMs. It is also referred as Print Program.

How do you find the driver program name from smartform?

In the object key give your invocie number. from this you can get application area. output type. Using this info go to NACE to that application area and to that output type and then check the driver program name and the script / smartform/ adobe form name.

How do you test a smartform in SAP?

To test a Smart Form, use the function module test. After activating the Smart Form, choose Test. The initial screen of the Function Builder (transaction SE37) appears. Choose Single Test to go to the test mode for the generated function module.

What will happen if I activate smartform without main window?

Yes, you can create a Smartform without a Main Window. But there is no need to do anything of such sort. Whenever you create a Smartform, a main window is created by default. I can’t think of a situation , where you will have a situation in which it is mandatory for you to remove the Main Window.

When is a function module generated for samrtform?

Function module is generated for Samrtform as soon as you activate the smartform. There is some problem with request transportation which resulted in deactivation of smartform. Activate the smartform in dev. and retransport the request in Quality. You can get the Function Module name from Environment Menu. Vaishali.

Where are the function modules stored in SAP smart form?

The information regarding the Smart Form and the corresponding function module (s) is stored in the database table STXFADMI. From the above screenshot, it can be observed that 2 nd and 3 rd fields are for storing the function module numbers. Let us have a look at the table entries for one of the SAP delivered Smart Forms:

How to handle the exception no form in zcall SmartForm?

To handle this situation, we use the function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME to get the name of the function module for a Smart Form dynamically. If the form is not active, the function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME raises the exception NO_FORM. Look at the modified program below: REPORT zcall_smartform. DATA: fname TYPE rs38l_fnam.

When to use SSF _ function _ module _ name?

If the above program is transported to either quality or production system, the program might go for a dump as the function module is not available in that system. To handle this situation, we use the function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME to get the name of the function module for a Smart Form dynamically.