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How do you deal with pikes in Rome 2?

Go heavy on skirmishers, and refuse a frontal fight until the pike units dont have enough men to be several pikes deep. Archers and anything ranged destroys them. Infantry with javs is great. And artillery to thin them down on the approach.

Did Sparta use pikemen?

Spartan traditions and Macedonian pikes, combined to deadly effect. He also improved the weapons and battle tactics of his existing forces, equipping his hoplites with long sarissa pikes, replacing the shorter hoplite spears that had been used for the last 500 years. …

Are hoplites Good Rome 2?

Hoplites are effective anvils/counter-cav. They’re worse anvils than pikemen, but they also won’t die in 3 seconds from an archer barrage. They’re a jack of all trades troop. Generally they will hold the line better than swords, and if not, swords are wasted if you’re using them to hold a line.

How do you beat pikemen?

  1. Easy mode. a) pin with another phalanx. b) charge from the side or back.
  2. Medium. a) lure out of position with an attack on a neaby unit. b) charge the flank with melee infantry, retreat the “bait” unit.
  3. Hard. a) kill off enemy cavalry.
  4. Rotate (in melee inf vs phalanx inf battles w/o significant skirmishers) (hard)

How did pikemen fight in Battle?

At ‘point’ is traditionally how pikemen fought each other. Big blocks of pikeman would level their pikes (see right) and advance towards each other into a crush called ‘push of pike’, when the front ranks would draw swords and engage in deadly hand-to-hand fighting.

Will a pike fish bite you?

Pike do not shed all their teeth during winter and they do not bite humans, but they can certainly hurt and injure a fisherman’s hand. If you’re also wondering if northern pike can bite through fluorocarbon and braid line, or if they could actually manage to bite off a finger, you should definitely keep reading..

What are pikemen weak to?

They are weak against anything outside the cavalry section, particularly archers, but make up for it by being one of the cheapest military units in the game. Additionally, no gold is required to train them, making them trash units.