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How do you cube in MapleStory reboot?

MapleStory DMT Cubing Guide 2021 Reboot

  1. The best way to cube is use an Epic Potential Scroll to get your item to Epic, then use Black cubes until the item reaches legendary.
  2. Emblem – When you get your lvl.
  3. Sub Weapon – The lvl.

How do you get Meister cubes in MapleStory?

Meister’s Cube Recipe

  1. Superior Item Crystal x 30.
  2. Cube Fragment x 10.
  3. Cubic Chaos Blade x 5.
  4. Superior Abrasive x 15.

Is there bonus potential in reboot?

Obviously, there is no bpot in reboot and that really limits reboot players.

How do violet cubes work?

Violet Cubes are used to reset revealed Potential stats on equipment items. They have a lower chance to rank up potentials compared to other cubes, but in return you will get a list of potentials to select from. This gives you greater control over customization.

Can you reset bonus potential MapleStory?

Bonus Potential can only be applied through the use of Special Bonus Potential Scrolls. These are obtained only from the CashShop. In order to reset the Bonus Potential lines, you need to use Bonus Potential Cubes.

Can you use occult cube on unique?

You cannot use Occult Cubes to reroll Unique Potential stats What the above essentially equates to is that Occults are best used first. The problem with that is, again, you need 100 Occult Cubes per reroll.

How many yellow cubes are unique?

If you use cubes, it can take you 1 cube (~33mil) to unique if you are lucky or more than 100 cubes (3-4bil). If you use a 100% UPS scroll, it will always cost more compared to getting a lucky unique(less than 10 tries). It will cost less compared to having a really bad yellow cubing spree(More than 50 cubes spent).

What does occult cube do?

This Miracle Cube supposedly brings out the hidden potential in equipment, but it reeks of dark energy. This item is time-limited.

What are cubic chaos blades used for?

Metroid Dread – The Loop

Cubic Chaos Blade
Description A stronger Cubic Blade. Occasionally found in Mysterious Legendary Ore Veins and used for making Renowned Master Craftsman’s Cubes.
Max per slot 9,000
Sold for 1 meso

Is Maplestory reboot good?

Reboot is good for players that: Have the available time and interest in farming Mesos to progress their characters. Note that the most effective method to farm Mesos often restricts players to a small subset of classes that specialise in kill speed and mobility such as the Kanna.

What to do with occult cubes in Maplestory Reboot?

Use occult cubes or an Epic Potential scroll on your item to get to Epic and then use Black cubes for tiering up and Red cubes for rerolling to prime lines. If you’re in Reboot this event means a lot more since you have to work harder for all your gear.

How long is the Maplestory Reboot guide in words?

Foreword: It’s about 15k words in length so it’s fairly wordy but I believe does a decent job of explaining some of the gear progression mechanics and game knowledge to newer and older players. This is a guide designed for mainly GMS Reboot.

How to make mesos in Maplestory non reboot?

There are many ways to make mesos in non-reboot mostly centered around farming certain items and taking advantage of events. Monsters in reboot have a higher exp and HP multiplier. There is a bigger penalty for being underleveled (5% final damage loss per level under the monster).

Do you need a pet to reboot MapleStory?

(Note that pets are basically required on reboot as you must farm your own mesos). There are free pets available though (events/blackheart). There are many ways to make mesos in non-reboot mostly centered around farming certain items and taking advantage of events. Monsters in reboot have a higher exp and HP multiplier.