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How do you contact the Secretary of State in Texas?

+ Uniform commercial code

  1. Telephone. Filing assistance, information requests, SOSDirect and general questions. email. Phone: (512) 475-2703.
  2. SOSDirect. Electronic filing and search questions. email. Phone: (512) 475-2703.
  3. Legal Department. Specific filing questions, public information requests. email. Phone: (512) 463-5586.

What is Texas SOS direct?

The Secretary of State OnLine Access (SOSDirect) web access system provides subscribers with up-to-date, on-line computer access to a variety of information maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State.

Can you file Form 503 online?

To start the DBA process, you need to file a Form 503 – Assumed Name Certificate. The Assumed Name Certificate can be filed electronically via SOSDirect, by mail to the address in the Form 503 instructions, or delivered in person to the James Earl Rudder Office Building in Austin, Texas.

How do I pay my LLC in Texas?

Payment Methods

  1. Check (personal or business)
  2. Money order.
  3. Cash.
  4. Credit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Credit card payments are subject to an additional statutory convenience fee of 2.7% of amount charged)
  5. LegalEase® (A deposit account system administered by Frost Bank)

What is an SOS number?

Secretary of State Control Number. A ‘Secretary of State Control Number’ is a number with zeros to the left to reach nine digits in length (for example: 000123123).

What is Texas SOS file number?

The filing number is the unique 10-digit number assigned by the secretary of state to each business organization, name registration, or name reservation filed with the secretary of state. If you are unsure of the filing number, you may wish to perform a Find Entity search by entity name.

How does the sosdirect system work in Texas?

Email from the SOSDirect system is sent via an automated process. If you use a Spam filtering service please make sure the address [email protected] is allowed through without being filtered. This will ensure your documents delivered via email will arrive without delay and without the need for human intervention.

What do you need to register as a CSO in Texas?

Form 2801. Registration Statement – Form required to register as a CSO in the State of Texas. ( Word, Acrobat) Form 2802. Credit Services Organization Bond – Form used to obtain a surety bond for doing business as a CSO in the State of Texas. ( Word, Acrobat)

What kind of software do I need for sosdirect?

You are required to login to the SOSDirect system and provide payment information in order to perform transactions such as filing documents, requesting copies and submitting bulk order requests. To submit filings, you must obtain a regular subscription. Required software – Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher and WinZip 7.0 or higher.

Are there any fees associated with sosdirect account?

The fees associated with the SOSDirect Account are the fees for documents filed, for copies and certificates ordered, and inquiries submitted. There are no monthly subscription fees.