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How do I write a Research Paper in a Week?

Writing research papers develops your research, critical thinking, and writing skills. Writing under time pressure is not ideal, but there are ways to properly examine and communicate your ideas effectively under pressure.

A week can be a sufficient amount of time to develop your ideas and present them clearly and logically. After the tactic is necessary to produce a good paper in a short time practice, your writing and research skills can generally become more efficient. Limit your topic on the first day. Consult your professor about your paper subject choice if you have not already done so. Finding out after a few days that your chosen subject is unsuited for the specific assignment will give you more stress and little time. After doing about an hour of background reading on the subject, once you have nailed it, think about the approach your papers will take. Today the Internet gives you many conveniences including when we need a research paper in less than a week. This link would help you with essay writing problems.

Formulate a research plan, also on the first day, once you have decided on an approach. Check how many sources you need. With your thesis in mind, find sources that will be useful to you as you write the paper. Because you have a limited amount of time, stick to articles and Encyclopedia notifications, if possible.

If your sources are books, skim them first, and only read the chapters that are directly relevant to your topic. Ask your librarian to help find the right sources. Spend the rest of the first day and the second day reading your sources and taking notes. Come with a plan before you start writing on the third day. Although you may want to jump right in and start writing due to the deadline, it will actually be much easier and quicker to write a good paper once you have laid the foundation.

Spend roughly an hour making a rough sketch. Having a structure to refer to will help you remember all the important information and structure it in a logical way. An overview will also help your writing flow because you will have a sense of what comes next and do not struggle with writers block. Start by writing your document on the third day, depending on the type of research paper you are writing. A document that presents an argument will begin with a dissertation statement, which is a summary of that argument. An analytical research paper examines a problem without bias and starts with an explanation of your intent of what you hope to achieve with the paper.

A scientific research paper will provide a brief description of the importance of the research, and if you write on an experiment you have performed, you need to include hypothesis and closure as well. Spend your paper on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth day. Allow enough time to review your work on the last day. You are able to brush your writing and you will also be able to find out and edit any flaws in your logic, foreign material, and make sure the paper is suitable for your audience.