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How do I select text in nano?

Selecting the text is very simple in Nano; bring the cursor to that text and select through keyboard or mouse controls. In order to cut the selected text, press ctrl+k and then position the cursor where you want to paste the text.

How do I copy an entire text in nano editor?

Place the cursor where you want to start copying, Press Shift + LeftClick and drag mouse throuh the text you want to copy, press Ctrl+Shift+C. Place the cursor you want to paste the text, Press Ctrl+Shift+V.

How do I edit text in nano editor?

How to Edit Text

  1. To select text, go to the beginning of the desired text and press ALT + A. This will set a mark for selecting.
  2. Press ALT + 6 to copy the selected text to the clipboard.
  3. To cut the highlighted text, press CTRL + K.
  4. If you want to paste the text, navigate to the intended place and press CTRL + U.

How do you select and delete text in nano?

Deleting text: To delete the character to the left of the cursor, press Backspace , Delete , or Ctrl-h . To delete the character highlighted by the cursor, press Ctrl-d . To delete the current line, press Ctrl-k . Saving your work: To save your edited file to disk, press Ctrl-o .

How do I select in nano editor?

How to Select All in Nano

  1. With the arrow keys, move your cursor to the Starting of the text, then press Ctrl-A to set the starting marker.
  2. The right arrow key is used to select the complete text data of the file after the starting mark has been positioned.

How do I select all and copy in nano editor?

If you are using a GUI and have nano open from a terminal and the file is not longer than your window you can use mouse and select all the text than cnt+shift+c will copy it to clipboard.

How do I select all in Gvim?

How To “Select All” In Vim/Vi?

  1. Use ggVG To Select All. All content of a file can be selected by using the Visual Mode of Vim or Vi.
  2. Use 99999yy To Select and Copy All.
  3. Use $yy To Select and Copy All.
  4. Select and Delete All Lines.
  5. Select and Copy All Lines.
  6. Select All In Gvim.

How do I use nano editor in Windows?

GNU nano text editor for Windows

  1. Copy cygwin1. dll somewhere where Windows will be able to see it (C:\WINNT or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 is good for NT users and C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM are good for WIn9x users.
  2. Put the nano.exe executable somehwere useful (your desktop or C:\WINDOWS perhaps)

How do you CTRL A in nano?

How do I select all in nano?

How do I sudo in Windows?

There is no sudo command in Windows. The nearest equivalent is “run as administrator.” You can do this using the runas command with an administrator trust-level, or by right-clicking the program in the UI and choosing “run as administrator.”