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How do I screenshot on my HTC Desire 530?

HTC Desire® 530 – Capture a Screenshot To capture a screenshot, press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time.

How do I change my screenshots on my HTC?

Note: If the option to take a screenshot doesn’t show up, click the edit button within the settings menu to change which quick settings appear. On the resulting page, drag the Screenshot button into your current list of quick settings, then select Done.

Where is my screenshot on Android phone?

Screenshots are typically saved to the “Screenshots” folder on your device. For example, to find your images in the Google Photos app, navigate to the “Library” tab. Under the “Photos on Device” section, you’ll see the “Screenshots” folder.

How can I take screenshot in vivo phone?

This is the universal method of taking a screenshot that works on any and every recent Android smartphone.

  1. Make sure that the information you want to capture is aligned properly on the screen.
  2. Press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

How do you take a screenshot on a cell phone?

Take a Screenshot. To capture the current screen on your iPhone, press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button and immediately press the “Home” button. The screen flashes to indicate the snapshot, and the phone saves an image of the screen.

How do I Capture an Android screen?

The standard way to take an Android screenshot. Capturing a screenshot usually involves pressing two buttons on your Android device; normally the volume down and power button. On other devices, you might need to use the home button + power button combo.

How do I screenshot on this phone?

To take a screenshot, you need to hold down the “Power button” and “Home button” simultaneously. Scroll Capture. Whenever you take a screenshot on your phone, the option called “Scroll capture” comes up, visible at the bottom left side. Tapping on this option lets you take a screenshot of the entire page.