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How do I reset my comfort net thermostat?

If a voltage spike or a static discharge blanks out the thermostat display or causes erratic operation, you can reset it. To reset the thermostat, touch and and the SYSTEM keys at the same time. The thermostat screen will go blank and then all segments will be displayed momentarily.

Who makes comfort net thermostat?

A HVAC technician will never need more than four control wires to connect a gas furnace or air handler to the control system.

What is comfort Bridge?

What is ComfortBridge technology? ComfortBridge technology ‘bridges’ indoor comfort with smart technology, and is factory-installed into select, premium Goodman brand gas furnaces and air handlers. ComfortBridge helps your entire Goodman brand heating and cooling system cost-effectively operate at peak performance.

Why is my thermostat not displaying?

If your thermostat wall does not have a c-wire, or common wire, your thermostat most likely is not hooked up to your HVAC system for its power and needs batteries. When your screen is blank, it could indicate you need to replace the batteries. Most thermostats display a low-battery symbol when the juice is running low.

Why Does My Honeywell thermostat say waiting for equipment?

Your Honeywell Thermostat displays the “Wait” or “Waiting for Equipment” message when it is waiting to activate the HVAC system. You see, your HVAC system needs some to adjust after being switched on, usually a few minutes. If your thermostat activates the compressor too early, it can damage the HVAC system.

How do I know if my thermostat is compatible?

To determine whether or not you have a C-wire, detach your thermostat from the wall, find the terminal labeled “C” and see if there’s a wire attached to it. If there is, you’re good to go with a smart thermostat installation.

Does Honeywell make a communicating thermostat?

TC500A-N Thermostat is an advanced, configurable, connected device for commercial buildings. This device communicates over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BACnet IP, Sylk, easily integrates with the building automation system. The firmware of the device can be upgraded via Wi-Fi network.

How does Comfort Bridge work?

The ComfortBridge technology smart home algorithm gathers HVAC system performance data and uses it to automatically make adjustments that may minimize the amount of energy used to heat or cool your home. And, you’re not locked into one specific thermostat just because you installed a new HVAC system.

Is Nest a communicating thermostat?

Do Nest, Ecobee and Lyric thermostats work with communicating systems? Yes, but only if the system is wired to function as a non-communicating system. There are no third-party thermostats that work with communicating HVAC systems.

How do I reconnect my thermostat to Wi-Fi?

To reconnect your thermostat to Wi-Fi, make sure your router is powered on and broadcasting. Restart your router by pressing the ON/OFF button or by unplugging the device then plugging back in after approximately five seconds.

What do you need to know about ComfortNet ctk04?

Page 17 CTK04 ComfortNet™ Communicating Thermostat Humidification The thermostat reads the indoor humidity level and allows the user to set a humidifi- cation setting with or without window protection. Window Protection Window Protection limits the amount of humidity to prevent frost or condensation on windows.

What are the advanced temperature control options on ComfortNet?

Advanced temperature control options include Finish With High Cool Stage, Finish With High Heat Stage, Temperature Differential settings between all stages and Cycle Rate settings per stage.

What are the functions of the ComfortNet terminal?

Terminal Functions: 1 – Data 1 2 – Data 2 R – 24 volt power C – 24 volt common Wire Gauge: 18 gauge wire is recommended. Maximum wire distance between the ComfortNet thermostat and the IFC should not exceed 100 feet using 18 gauge wire.