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How do I list my lab experience on my resume?

Show relevant work experience like this:For each position, list the title, company, and dates employed.Include a bullet list with duties, but add lab assistant accomplishments.Need an example? Add numbers like $7,000 or 75 or 22%. Use sharp resume verbs so hiring managers don’t nod off.

How do I write my 1 year experience on a resume?

1. The ‘mid-level professional’ resumeMake the first section your professional summary. Highlight relevant skills. Make your recent position the most comprehensive. Include company descriptions. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Emphasize select achievements.

Is it bad to apply for jobs on Friday?

The best day of the week to apply for a job is the same day you see it online! There’s no reason why applying on a Tuesday will mean you’ll have a higher chance of landing an interview than, say, a Friday. When recruiters post jobs, typically they’re reviewing resumes as soon as they arrive or on a daily basis.